The Tourism Potential of Raja Ampat’s Remote Fani Island Bordering Palau


Fani island, located in Raja Ampat, Southwest Papua is an outer island bordering the country of Palau. The island of Fani is part of a cluster of islands in Raja Ampat Regency, other than the Igi and Miaren Islands. Despite its far-flung location, it has plenty of potential to be developed, including capture fisheries and marine tourism.

Fani Island’s exact location is at the Ayau District, Raja Ampat regency, Southwest Papua Province, near the Pacific Ocean. It is a customary land of Rutum village. The island is rich in fish with high value including skipjack, tuna, mackerel, grouper, red snapper, and prawns.

The main occupation of its inhabitants is fishing which is done at night-time, while in the daytime, they search for copra (dried coconut kernels) to make coconut oil. Other than Fani, the Igi and Miaren islands also have potential to be suppliers for the development of a cooking oil industry.

The island’s beauty makes it an attractive destination for tourists, and is a particularly good destination for marine tourists. The variety of activities available include diving, snorkelling, beach tourism, exploring the island, and camping.

For those who wish to take in the beauty of the nature, there is plenty to see. Fani Island has conserved its coral reefs, white sand beaches, and lush jungles. The three beaches along the coastline are sandy, rocky, and even terraced.

Tourists do not need to travel to the middle of the sea to enjoy the coral reefs. Along the beaches, coral reefs that are well-conserved can be found. Exploring the forests in Fani Island is another possible activity.

According to the provincial government, Fani’s natural potential makes it a potential tourist destination.

Fani Island can be accessed using a motorboat or speedboat from Sorong Regency, roughly 204 km away. The distance can be reached in approximately 12 hours by taking the Sorong Fishery Academy’s training ship. If using a high-speed motor boat, the island can be reached in only 6 hours.

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