1,000 Energy-saving Lamp Packets Distributed to Yahukimo, Papua

Around 1,000 solar-powered energy saving lamps ( LTSHE ) that had been stored in a transit warehouse in Sentani, Papua, were distributed to the inland people of Yahukimo regency in Papua on Aug. 11.

“This LTSHE packet will be sent from Sentani to Yahukimo using a caravan airplane, with each trip carrying 100 packets that are already unboxed to save space on the airplane,” said Dadan Kusdiana, an expert staff member of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s natural resources economy department, on Aug. 10.

According to Dadan, Yahukimo has been given priority for distribution of LTSHEs as it is a frontier, outermost, remote and transmigration ( 4T ) region. “The challenging terrain in Yahukimo is the reason why state-owned PLN electricity hasn’t been able to reach this area. This is where the role of the government comes in to do pre-electrification through the distribution of LTSHEs,” Dadan said.

Hadi M. Djuraid, an expert staff member at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s public communication department, added that other criteria for eligibility in receiving LTSHEs included places that had not received electrical currents for three to five years. “We will not let these places be dark. PLN will reach these areas,” Hadi said.

The LTSHE distribution program by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry began in 2017 through state budget funding. For 2018, the ministry has established a target of illuminating 167,064 households in 15 provinces, or 1,259 villages.

LTSHEs are categorized according to three types of brightness: maximum, medium and dim. The maximum type provides five hours of light. On medium mode, it can last 11 hours. On dim mode it can stay on for 47 hours non-stop. Each LTSHE packet has its own barcode, and is already registered, verified and distributed to specific destinations. It cannot be traded.

Residents eligible for LTSHE will undergo an introductory understanding course on how to use LTSHEs prior to having them installed. Each LTSHE has a three-year warranty. In case of damage or issues, a service center team is ready to provide help in each district.

“The lights have a three-year warranty. If there are complaints, there are service centers in each district. We have also done socialization beforehand, but there are sometimes language barriers, so we sometimes involve public figures in the socialization process,” said Wawan Supriatna, the ministry’s Renewable Energy and Conservation Directorate General secretary.

The ministry aims to distribute 400,000 LTSHEs to 2,500 villages as part of this program, which runs until 2019. Each LTSHE packet consists of a photovoltaic panel with 20 Watt peak, four LEDs at 3 Watts with a lithium battery, four 5-meter cables, two hubs, a USB to charge cell phones, and a 1-meter aluminum support pole.



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Government to Accelerate Development in Papua Next Year

Minister of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Bambang PS Brodjonegoro stated that the government would accelerate the development in Papua and West Papua next year as stated on the Government Work Plan (RKP) 2019.

Bambang said that one of the five national priorities specified on RKP is to diminish inter-region disparity by strengthening maritime affairs and connectivity. Based on that priority, one of the program would be the acceleration of development in Papua and West Papua.

Listed among the priority programs are the access and quality improvement for health services, as well as contextual education in Papua.

“The other priorities are the development of top commodities and downstream-upstream tourism,” Bambang stated, Saturday (5/5/2018).

Moreover, also listed on the RKP are several improvements for basic infrastructure, technology and information, interregional connectivity, and also the governance and institution.

On RKP 2019, the government has set the macro targets for 2019 development agenda. The targets are 5,4-5,7 percent economic growth, 8,5-9,5 percent poverty rate, and 0,38-0,39 gini ratio.

Human Development Index (IPM) is expected to reach 71,89 percent and the unemployment rate is set to decrease to 4,8-5,2 percent. For the record, 2019 would be the last year of Indonesia’s National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019.

“RKP 2019 will mainly focus on maximizing all resources (government, private sector, and bank) to pursue national goals and targets on RPJMN 2015-2019,” Bambang explained.


Source: Kompas.com

Princess from West Papua

Started from her dream of becoming a doctor to help the people of her hometown, a beautiful girl from Jayapura, Leidy Herlin Rumbiak is now determined to prove the crowd that a Papuan girl can accomplish plenty of achievements. Through Affirmative Program for Higher Education (ADIK), she managed to continue her study in her favourite university, Universitas Airlangga in Surabaya.

Leidy wishes to embrace this opportunity to attain more achievements. She aims nothing less than to give her best performance, both in academics and extracurricular activities. Her top achievement was when she was titled Puteri Indonesia West Papua Province in 2017.

Leidy, who is now a Student of Dentistry in Universitas Airlangga, has been a woman of ambition since high school. Some of her achievements include her participation in Science Olympic on Biology and World Physics Olympiad (WOPHO). Leidy was also an active member of several student organizations, including student body (OSIS), Scout Peace Camp 2013, in addition to her appointment as the bearer of national flag representing West Papua Province in 2013.

Her achievement suggests that the access to education is one of the most essential keys to improve the future of our young generations.

“When I was young, I aspired to be a doctor in Papua. I realized that there were only few doctors in Papua. After I heard about ADIK scholarship, I wanted to prove that a Papuan girl could accomplish her dream and compete to attain the best score in college.” Leidy elaborated in the end of the interview.

Equal Opportunities To Compete

 The Government through the Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa), the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education has accelerated and equitable education programs for Indigenous Papuan to provide opportunities for children who are experiencing difficulties in accessing higher education. The program aims to bridge the Papuan children who excel academically to continue their education to the higher level.

The achievement of one of the student not only a proof of success in educational equity, it also proves that with the equal opportunity to gain access to good education, Papuan children can also compete.

Director of Student Affairs, Didin Wahidin, also confirmed that Leidy’s story is one example of success that needs to be imitated, that the student is able to divide the time and achievement in academic and non-academic. Didin hopes that outstanding and multitalented students will be able to contribute to their region.

“Leidy is exemplary, but all students must keep in mind, that the main priority which is academic achievement, is not to be ignored. Hopefully, other students will be more motivated to excel, whether in academic or non-academic, and encouraged to develop their soft skill and networking.” Didin said.

Source: Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education

Solomon Islands Delegation Visited Papua, Papua Is Open to Anyone

JAYAPURA, – After the meeting with Wiranto, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs in Jakarta on Monday (23/4/2018), the Ambassador of Solomon Islands to Indonesia HE Salana Kalu led a delegation to visit Papua Province on Tuesday (24/4).

For two days in Jayapura City, the delegation visited Indonesia-PNG border, saw the construction of the Papuan stadium in Kampung Harapan Jayapura and Hamadi-Holtekamp bridge. The construction of the new stadium and the bridge is part of Papua’s preparation to host National Sport Event called Pekan Olahraga Nasional (National Sport Weeks) in 2020.

“So, the Ambassador of Solomon Islands together with the delegation, for two days in Jayapura, they were satisfied and appreciated to the Government of Indonesia for the great attention to Papua,” acting Governor of Papua Soedarmo told reporters on Wednesday (25/4/18).

According to Soedarmo, Papua is now open to anyone. Even the development undertaken by the Government of Indonesia in 29 districts / cities are running well.

“The development undertaken by the government of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla in various aspects. Ambassador of Solomon and his entourage were very satisfied with the existing development. I have explained the development program built by the Indonesian government, and to prove it, the Ambassador and entourage went straight to the field to check by themself what I explained,” he said.

The former Acting Governor of Aceh added that the information told by the Government of Indonesia to the Ambassador that made the Ambassador came to Papua to see closely, what had Government built in Papua as well as other provinces in Indonesia.

However, Soedarmo said there are still groups from the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) and other groups, who continue to vocalize the freedom movement in Papua.

Soedarmo said many information related to development in Papua is diverted. The government is trying to build Papua for the better. “They (the delegation) are amazed by the development in Papua, now the government gives great attention, in fact, President Jokowi has visited Papua for nine times,” he said.

He continued, the Indonesian government knows there are groups that always provide false information about Papua to the countries in the Pacific region. Yes, it’s a group like ULMWP and KNPB, they are disturbing the political, security, and economic stability in Papua,” he asserted.

In addition, Soedarmo opened himself to dialogue with the groups. Therefore, the government does not forbid to criticize, but if the critics are constructive.

“I am ready to talk, anytime, with KNPB, ULMWP, me as acting governor ready to dialogue. But dialogue on how we develop Papua together in the future. I am also ready for informal dialogue, may be in a cafe, it doesn’t have to be in the office,” he said.

Source: pacificpos.com

Minister Wiranto Invited Solomon Islands Delegation to Visit Papua

Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto conveyed that there is a lot of information about Indonesia, especially related to Papua and West Papua which has been deviated or not in accordance with reality. He added that information about Indonesia colonizing West Papua, and that there is still war ongoing that takes casualties in Papua and West Papua is not true.

The Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs received a visit from Solomon Island delegation at the office of Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Jakarta, on Monday (23/4/2018). In the meeting, the Minister also said that the Indonesian government invited the Pacific countries to see and witness the conditions in Papua.

“I invite my friends from Solomon to come to Indonesia, see Jakarta, see Papua and West Papua, and talk to the people in Papua. We ask that (because) what they hear before coming to Indonesia is not true. This is our way of convincing many countries because nowadays, especially with very strong social media influences, (there are) a lot of misinformation,” said Minister Wiranto.

Minister Wiranto also said that he was very sad if the false information related to Papua and West Papua is considered true by the international world. Therefore, such information needs to be proofed otherwise.

“I myself have been to the Pacific, have been to Nauru, met many friends from the Pacific. I have to say, they also believe my story (about Papua), but it will be more believable if they see Indonesia by themself,” he added.

In addition, Chief of Prime Minister Solomon Island Office John Teddie Usuramo said that the visit was expected to build a better relationship between Indonesia and Solomon Island. He also said that by visiting Papua, one can create a common understanding between the two countries.

“There is a lot of information (related to Papua) in the media and social media, maybe some information is not true, then we have to come and see for ourselves, and Indonesia allows us to visit Papua,” said John Teddie.

Also attending the meeting, Ambassador Solomon Island to Indonesia H.E. Salana Kalu, Special Secretary for Foreign Relations of Prime Minister Solomon Island Office Rance Sore , representatives from the Civil Society Organization (CSO), Secretary of Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Lieutenant General Yoedhi Swastono, Deputy for Foreign Policy Lutfi Rauf, Chair of Papua Special Autonomy Desk Andrie TU Soetarno, as well as Papuan figures Nicholas Simeone Messet and Franz Albert Joku.

Source: Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs

Picture: Minister Wiranto Received a Visit from Solomon Islands Delegation (Jakarta, 23/04)