Jokowi to Inaugurate Papua Youth Creative Hub, these are the Hopes of the Papuan People

President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi) is set to inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) in Jayapura, Papua. The event will feature creative acts performed by tens of talented indigenous youth from Papua.

The President’s Millennial Special Advisor, Billy Mambrasar stated that the young talented youths of Papua will perform before the President at the inauguration of the centre, an imposing building with traditional elements and ample facilities, the pride of the Papuan youth.

The Coordinator of Inspirational Papuan Youth (PMI) group stated that his group will hold auditions for dancers, marching band, as well as have a carnival at the Papua Youth Creative Hub.

“PMI wants to show that the golden generation of Papuan youths with their various talents, which can develop Indonesia,” said Billy.

The Youth Hub consists of a two-storey main building, and two dormitories. Within the building a space for micro, small, and medium enterprises, cafeteria, training room, marketing room, music room, multipurpose room as well as a co-working space.

There are rooms shaped like tribunes with a capacity of hundreds, which can be used for performances, religious events, and others.

The performances being prepared by PMI include a flag-raising team as well as cheers of nationalism and love for the homeland. The event will also serve as event organizing training for the leaders and members of PMI.

One of the flag-raising team’s members, Eliesher Krsihyo (17) stated that he has worked hard to present a special performance for the President and guests at the inauguration.

“So far, 80 percent of the preparations are complete. We have trained long so that we can give the best performance at the event,” he said.

Eliesher is enthusiastic about the inauguration which will serve as the means to develop creativity and science of Papuan youths.

“We welcome Papuan progress. Hopefully in the future Papuan youths will be competitive in various fields,” he added.

Another performer, Nita Satungga (21), admits to being eager about taking part in the event and has thoroughly prepared the cheers and steps. She and many others are determined to give their best performances at the inauguration.

“I feel very happy. I am actually very nervous to perform in front of the President, but I will do my best,” she said.

The coach for the performances at the inauguration, Matawan Tano (24) hopes that all the preparations go smoothly, so that the long-awaited inauguration by the President can go as well as possible. In order to maximize the performances at the inauguration, he has trained closely with the participants.

“Our participants are being trained physically and mentally, because they not only have to perform at maximum, but must also have to be physically strong and mentally tough,” he said.

The presence of the PYCH, plays a strategic role because it is the gathering place of youths in presenting their ideas, as well as creativity, which in turn will improve the human resources of Papua in the future.

“PYCH is a privilege for the youths of Papua, where the place is managed by youth, the spaces filled by youths, and all to improve the skills of the youth,” he added.

Matawan hopes that the young generation of Papua are not discouraged by the advancements of the age. No matter how small the initial steps in the beginning, they will hugely affect a change for the better.

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