Government to Accelerate Development in Papua Next Year

Minister of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Bambang PS Brodjonegoro stated that the government would accelerate the development in Papua and West Papua next year as stated on the Government Work Plan (RKP) 2019.

Bambang said that one of the five national priorities specified on RKP is to diminish inter-region disparity by strengthening maritime affairs and connectivity. Based on that priority, one of the program would be the acceleration of development in Papua and West Papua.

Listed among the priority programs are the access and quality improvement for health services, as well as contextual education in Papua.

“The other priorities are the development of top commodities and downstream-upstream tourism,” Bambang stated, Saturday (5/5/2018).

Moreover, also listed on the RKP are several improvements for basic infrastructure, technology and information, interregional connectivity, and also the governance and institution.

On RKP 2019, the government has set the macro targets for 2019 development agenda. The targets are 5,4-5,7 percent economic growth, 8,5-9,5 percent poverty rate, and 0,38-0,39 gini ratio.

Human Development Index (IPM) is expected to reach 71,89 percent and the unemployment rate is set to decrease to 4,8-5,2 percent. For the record, 2019 would be the last year of Indonesia’s National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019.

“RKP 2019 will mainly focus on maximizing all resources (government, private sector, and bank) to pursue national goals and targets on RPJMN 2015-2019,” Bambang explained.



Minister Wiranto Invited Solomon Islands Delegation to Visit Papua

Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto conveyed that there is a lot of information about Indonesia, especially related to Papua and West Papua which has been deviated or not in accordance with reality. He added that information about Indonesia colonizing West Papua, and that there is still war ongoing that takes casualties in Papua and West Papua is not true.

The Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs received a visit from Solomon Island delegation at the office of Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Jakarta, on Monday (23/4/2018). In the meeting, the Minister also said that the Indonesian government invited the Pacific countries to see and witness the conditions in Papua.

“I invite my friends from Solomon to come to Indonesia, see Jakarta, see Papua and West Papua, and talk to the people in Papua. We ask that (because) what they hear before coming to Indonesia is not true. This is our way of convincing many countries because nowadays, especially with very strong social media influences, (there are) a lot of misinformation,” said Minister Wiranto.

Minister Wiranto also said that he was very sad if the false information related to Papua and West Papua is considered true by the international world. Therefore, such information needs to be proofed otherwise.

“I myself have been to the Pacific, have been to Nauru, met many friends from the Pacific. I have to say, they also believe my story (about Papua), but it will be more believable if they see Indonesia by themself,” he added.

In addition, Chief of Prime Minister Solomon Island Office John Teddie Usuramo said that the visit was expected to build a better relationship between Indonesia and Solomon Island. He also said that by visiting Papua, one can create a common understanding between the two countries.

“There is a lot of information (related to Papua) in the media and social media, maybe some information is not true, then we have to come and see for ourselves, and Indonesia allows us to visit Papua,” said John Teddie.

Also attending the meeting, Ambassador Solomon Island to Indonesia H.E. Salana Kalu, Special Secretary for Foreign Relations of Prime Minister Solomon Island Office Rance Sore , representatives from the Civil Society Organization (CSO), Secretary of Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Lieutenant General Yoedhi Swastono, Deputy for Foreign Policy Lutfi Rauf, Chair of Papua Special Autonomy Desk Andrie TU Soetarno, as well as Papuan figures Nicholas Simeone Messet and Franz Albert Joku.

Source: Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs

Picture: Minister Wiranto Received a Visit from Solomon Islands Delegation (Jakarta, 23/04)

The Spirit of Young Papuans to Strive Ahead

“Our fate can only be changed by ourselves,” said Grayce Roossiler Windesi (24 years old) and his colleague Safria Samual (25 years old) during an interview with ABC Radio, both alumni of Jayapura University of Science and Technology (USTJ) to conduct internships at the Consulate of the Republic of Indonesia in Darwin in August 2017.

It started from a Public Lecture by Indonesian Consul in Darwin, Mr. Andre Omer Siregar, in the Department of International Relations of USTJ in October 2015, Grayce Windesi had the opportunity to directly talk with the Consul at the end of the event. On the occasion, Grayce got an offer to do an apprenticeship in Indonesian Consulate in Darwin to further enhance her knowledge. Grayce then responded to the challenge and with his partner Safria flew to Darwin in early August 2017.

During one month, both of them participated in various activities held in Indonesian Consulate in Darwin, among others, participated in various activities of the 72nd anniversary of Independence of Indonesia, including as a flag ceremony officer, cultural performers in Diplomatic Reception as well as being a participant in the Independence Day karaoke competition, where Safria became the First Winne, and Grace became the Second Winner.

One of the highlights during their activities in Darwin, is the opportunity to conduct interviews with ABC Radio. In the event, both were asked to share their experiences while in Darwin and what contributions they could make in their area later. Answering the question, both said that they intend to encourage young people in Papua to improve their capacity in order to build a better Papua.

The deepest impression is felt by them as they see firsthand the life of the Aborigines in Darwin. Aboriginal people who regularly receive life allowances from the Australian Government, continue to live a harsh life among other Australians. Although Aboriginal communities have access to various facilities from the local government, their daily lifestyles that revolves around alcohol and violence cause most Aboriginal people in Northern Territory not to progress.

This is a reflection of Grayce and Safria who want to contribute more significantly to their environment to prevent the same thing happening to young Papuan children.

Grayce also said that as a young Papuan, she and her colleagues need to change their mindset to be more serious in taking advantage of opportunities in education because only with education, their fate can change. “Papuan children need to be more creative. We want to learn. If we want to move forward, we must try. Change will come from ourselves “said Grayce.

Young people of Papua must be optimistic about their future, as long as they have a strong will to make it happen. “At first I was not sure if we could, but we got here. So we can actually compete if we want to. Only we want it or not? “, Said Safria with enthusiasm.

During their stay in Darwin, the Indonesian Consul frequently encourage motivation to the two apprentices, to always be confident and not stop learning to build their area. The experience they get is expected to be shared with other young Papuan children and can be useful for their future. The Indonesian Consul also expressed hope that they will succeed in achieving their aspiration to become future Indonesian diplomats.

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Witnessed the Peace Declaration of Merauke Inter-Faith Youth

Merauke – In the series of her working visit to Merauke Regency, Papua, the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture witnessed the peace declaration of inter-faith youth in GOR Hiad Sai Trikora. The Coordinating Minister emphasized that the pluralism of Indonesia is a gift from God.

Five youths from inter-faith communities read the peace declaration in front of the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Puan Maharani who was accompanied by the Minister for Health Nila Moeloek, Minister for Women Empowerment and Children Protection Yohana Yambisey, Head of BNPB Willem Rampangilei, Chief of Kopassus Maj. Gen. Matsuni and Merauke Regent Fredericus Gebze. After reading the declaration, the Coordinating Minister along with Merauke Regent went on stage to witness the signing of the declaration of Merauke inter-faith youth.

The reading and signing took place on the sidelines of the Youth Movement on Reading the Cross-Religion Scriptures initiated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. “I appreciate the implementation of the scriptures reading by inter-faith youth, hopefully this activity can strengthen the unity of Indonesia,” she said. Moreover, she thinks that the event coincided with the commemoration of Youth Pledge Day /Sumpah Pemuda.

She explained that Indonesia has more than 714 tribes with 1,100 different languages and located on more than 17,000 islands. The world’s major religions are also existence in Indonesia namely Islam, Catholicism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. “We are not the same, but we work together to build Indonesia to be a prosperous, advanced and cultured home,” she said.

The event was also filled with scriptural reading from inter-faith scriptures. According to the Coordinating Minister, the reading of scriptures by interfaith youths is an effort to build mutual trust, mutual understanding, and mutual social life building based on Pancasila. “Let us realize, believe, and convey to our small environment, starting from family members, neighbors, and community that plurality is a gift from God to Indonesia,” she concluded.

On that occasion, the Coordinating Minister also had given a quiz for those who can memorize the Pancasila. Two lucky youths who got a laptop from the Coordinating Minister were Mary Magdalena, student of Musamus University and Aluya Mustofa, student of SMA 2 Merauke.

Visiting Sota, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Distributes School Equipments to Students in Sota

Merauke, Sota (28/10) – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Puan Maharani delivered a number of assistances to elementary school students of YPK Sota this afternoon. The donation in the form of 218 packages of school equipment was given directly by the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture symbolically to 10 representatives of YPK Sota Elementary school students.

A total of two packages of sports equipment were also directly given by the Minister to the Principal of YPK Sota Elementary School to support the learning activities. In addition to that, the Coordinating Minister also distributed assistance in the form of Supplementary Food Supplements (PMT) for students as many as 153 Packages to YPK Sota Elementary school and 65 packages to MI Al Maarif Sota.

In during her visit, the Coordinating Minister also took the time for photograph taking and interaction with all the students  who were present. “Are you happy with your new school bag childeren ? If you haven’t got one yet, please ask  your principal, okay “ said the Minister, after handing over the goods.

On that occasion, the Coordinating Minister seemed to be interested with some writings on one of the student’s clothes. “For the one who wears the t-shirt written “black is identity, wavy is special, do you know what is it means?” asked the Coordinating Minister.

One of the students who could answer the question correctly was awarded a present by the Coordinating Minister. Yoga, the student who answered the Minister’s question said that the meaning of writing on his shirts is a symbol of Papua people.

At the end of her speech, the Coordinating Minister reaffirmed that the people live in Sota are Indonesian citizens and part of  The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. “The children and people who live here are border people, but never ever forget that we are still Indonesia” concluded the Minister.

After giving the aid in YPK Sota Elementary School, the Coordinating Minister and her officials moved to the location of Sota Health Center development. The Coordinating Minister reviewed the development of the Health Center which is scheduled to be finished  at the end of this year. The Coordinating Minister also ensured that the finishing of this health center development will be in accordance with the target established.

Accompanying the Coordinating Minister were Minister for Health Nila F Moeloek, Minister for Women Empowerment and Children Protection Yohanna Yembise, Head of BNPB, Head of BKKBN, Member of Indonesian Parliament Alfia Reziani, Merauke Regent and Vice Chief of Police of Merauke.

The Regent Isaias: Spirit of Sumpah Pemuda (Youth Pledge), Papuan Youth Builds up Personality and Region

Nabire – The Regent of Nabire Regency, Isaias Douw, S. Sos., MAP affirmed that essentially the Youth Pledge is spirit. Therefore, Indonesian youth in Papua and especially in Nabire must continuously maintain the spirit of youth pledge in establishing themselves, families, regions and nations.

“The Youth Pledge is full of zeal, the spirit of unity, the spirit of the homeland, the spirit to show the your identity namely the language,” said Regent Isaias answering questions from a number of media crews related to Youth Pledge Day 2017, Saturday (27/10/17) in Nabire.

Isaias explained, “To Our youth today in Nabire, I ask to uphold the spirit of unity among fellow youths without distinction of race and religion. Nabire is Bhineka Tunggal Ika, mini Indonesia, so keep the four pillars of the nation, combat terrorism and radicalism.”

“Papuan youths must be zealous in self-improvement,  do not indulge in negative things, drunkenness, drugs and free sex,” exhorted Isaias …

“Love yourself, your family, and your future. Learn things that can add skills to improve your level of life. Unskilled and impassionate youth will be abandoned or defeated by other youth.”

Isaias also hopes that youths who have possession of land, manage the existing land to plant crops that can bring in money.  Say ‘no’ to land sale.  Land prices will increase, if you sell land it will be the same as giving away your future.

Isaias asserted, “The land of Papua will only be built if we have Papuan youths who fear God and have knowledge, skills and a good conscience.”

Reducing Price Disparity of Cement in Indonesia, Minister of State Owned Enterprises Launches Cement Price Reduction Programme

Puncak Jaya, 23 August 2017 – As a response and responsibility of the State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) to the public, Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarmo has launched Cement Price Reduction Programme in Puncak Jaya, Papua on Tuesday (22/8). The programme meant to lower disparity of cement prices in urban areas within Indonesia’s Outlying, Frontier, and Underdeveloped regions.

In her visit, Rini stated that the Cement Price Reduction Programme is an important step for the One Price Programme in Indonesia. “We will keep updating this programme until the development in Eastern Indonesia can be done at a faster pace, together with President Joko Widodo’s work programme which focused on the development of East Indonesian regions,” said Rini. This programme is made possible by the synergy of four SOEs namely Semen Indonesia, Indonesia Trading Company, Pelindo IV and Pos Indonesia.

Using the Cement Price Reduction programme, SOEs will build networks of distributors and logistics in regions that do not have official cement dealers or distributors. Additionally, SOEs will also increase storage capacity of cement dealers in outlying regions, and hasten the development of land and sea/dock infrastructure to support the smooth distribution of cement.

According to Rini, Cement Price Reduction is SOEs’ real step in realising social justice of all Indonesians. “Through this programme, cement prices in some areas in Papua has successfully been lowered from previous Rp1.5-2million per sack to the Highest Retail Price of Rp500 thousand per sack,” said Rini.

Rini further explained that SOE Present for the Country is not a mere slogan to be echoed, but is the spirit and real work of SOEs to keep contributing and being present for Indonesia. “In line with one of SOE’s role as development agency, the synergy of all SOEs through the Cement Price Reduction programme is expected to have a real impact towards the society and in general and encourage economic growth in Puncak Jaya Regency,” adds Rini.

On the same occasion, Puncak Jaya Regent Drs. Henock Ibo expressed on how expensive daily necessities are in Puncak Jaya. Flour, sugar, and cooking oil can cost twice that of Jayapura’s. To overcome that, Rini gave her commitment through the Director of PPI, Agus Andiani, that prices of sugar, flour, and cooking oil will be down by 25% in one month.

During the event, locals welcomed Rini’s presence enthusiastically. That was further reinforced by the presence of two opposing factions in the Puncak Jaya Regent election, together with Rini and board of directors of numerous SOEs from PPI, Semen Tonasa, PT POS, and Bank Mandiri. Appreciation was also given to Puncak Jaya’s Police Chief Police Superintendent Agustinus F. I. Napitupulu and Military District Commander Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry Lukman Arif who has helped in maintaining security in Puncak Jaya, which helped to smooth up the price reduction cement and other staple goods.