Improve Health Care Services, Sorong Recruits 46 Civil Servant Candidates

It was revealed by The Regional Secretary of Sorong city Government, Welly Tigtigweria in Sorong, Tuesday, March 7th 2017. He said that they previously existed as temporary employees and their dedication have been long in Sorong city government.

Therefore, the recruitment of 46 non-regular health employees into Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) must be done through a selection process that has been set nationally by the government.

“At this time, there are 60 non-regular health employees whose join in the selection process and only 46 employees are declared eligible as Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS), he said.

Welly said that the 46 health officers who have passed The Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) that are two general practitioners and 44 midwives. It was accordance with the local needs.

At this time, they are completing the requirement which needed for and then they will take prajabatan process in order to be appointed as civil servants according to the rules of employment.

After passed Prajabatan process, the civil servants will be placed in health centre as well as regional public hospital as needed, in order to serve the people. “We hope the midwives and the doctors can carry out the health care services well for Sorong communities,” he said.

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