Jayapura 107th Anniversary Let’s improve our solidarity to build the city for God’s glory

Jayapura 107th anniversary, which falls on 7th March 2017, was celebrated by holding a ceremony at Hedam District Abepura village Trikora field. The ceremony was led directly by the temporary Mayor, Dr. Daniel Pahabol as the ceremony inspector.

The ceremony held to celebrate Jayapura’s Anniversary was themed “By the spirit of Jayapura Anniversary, we improve our solidarity to build the city for God’s glory”.

In his mandate, Dr. Daniel Pahabol expressed his gratitude to all agencies and all elements of society for the support and cooperation that had been built especially in brotherhood and diversity of Jayapura.

“I want to thank all elements of society in Jayapura, hopefully in this anniversary, we all can receive blessings from The One Almighty God,” he said.

Besides that, Dr. Daniel Pahabol also expressed his gratitude to Jayapura citizen for helping Jayapura government in doing their duties all this time.

In this opportunity, Dr. Daniel Pahabol did not forget to advise Jayapura citizen to conserve Jayapura’s culture and keep working for the development of Jayapura in the future.

“In this opportunity, I would like to convey to the citizen to keep improving the quality of your work, I as Jayapura’s Mayor will support it, for the development of Jayapura,” Dr. Daniel Pahabol said.

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