Government Boosts the Development and Facilitation in Papua and West Papua

Besides building roads that open the path access known as Trans Papua that currently at the completion and sealing stage, the goverment is also working and focusing on the development of facilitation and infrastructure as well as accommodation in Papua and West Papua.

The goverment in the era of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) also adds the energy infrastructure, the magnitude of infrastructure development cannot be seperated with the goverment policy, which drastically reduces the fuel oil (BBM) subsidies two years ago.

Here is the infographic.

Aside from that, The Ministry of Housing and Public Works (PURR) is also working on completing the State Border Crossings (PLBN) construction of Skouw that later will be completed by the other supporting infrastructures, such as market so that PLBN area can function as a new economic growth center.

Water resistance is also important to meet the needs of raw water and food security. The Ministry of Housing and Public Works (PURR) rehabilates some irigation regions and by the year 2017 starts preparing the Baliem dam construction with with a capacity of 200 million m3 and 50 MW hydropower potential.

“The rehabilitation of irigation is held by the labor intensive that involves Farmer Water User Association (P3A),” said The minister of Housing and Public Works Basuki Hadimuljono, in Jakarta, Monday (6/3).

The construction in housing sector is also performed, such as repairing uninhabitable houses through the self-help housing program.

“Each of Papua and West Papua is targeted to have 3.500 units. In addition, there is a housing special program built for fishermen, medical personnels, and religious leaders,” said Minister Basuki.

The Ministry of Transportation also asserted about the accomodation policy to subsidies to  facilitate the economic improvement in different places.

The Minister of Transportation explained, the marine transport infrastructure and crossing constructions needs to be optimalized in orter to support inter-island as well as freight transport connectivities in Papua.

By the presence of sea toll, he explained, it can reduce the the price disparity between east and west. Currently the sea toll has reached areas in Timika, Merauke, Manokwari. It will be upgraded to be able to reach the areas that located in the altitudes (mountains).

Budi also stated the need of the development of river transport in order to be able to reach the remote or deepest areas in Papua.

“Starting from this year, we have distributed goods through rivers in Merauke, Timika, Asmat to the north area, so that the freight transports are not only available in the beach areas, but also in the river areas, so the goods prices will be cheaper, “ said Budi Karya.

Furthermore, the Minister of Transportation explained the role of air transportion is required in connecting remote areas in Papua.

Therefore, in the term of flight, the Ministry of Transportation will build eight airports that are more than 1000 meters long so that the large airoplanes can land there (Papua).

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