Persipura Prime Excercise, Followed by 18 Players

After being delayed, Persipura Jayapura finally held prime exercise, yesterday morning, march 6th 2017. The prime exercise was at Mandala Jayapura Stadium, led by head coach of Persipura, Angel Alfredo Vera, which was only followed by 18 players namely : Boaz, Ricardo, Yustinus, Pahabol, Nelson, Fakdawer, Rony, Ricky, Nerius, M. Tahir, Yohanes, Yan Piet, Womsiwor, Israel, Dede, Marianus, Bernadus and Elysa.

Some players who have not attend into the football field  are Yoo Jae hoon, Wanggai, Kabes, Ruben, Robertino, and some other players.

In the prime exercise yesterday, it was focused on physical exercise. From the observation of PAPUANEWS.ID, the physical exercise was directly led by Persipura physical coach, Lidyo Ninjo. Before starting the exercise, Lidyo was directly doing VO2Max test for all the players who were attending the prime exercise.

“The VO2Max test was very nice. Through this test we will know the deficiencies from each player. There are some players who still have a stabil physical condition and there are who need more exercises”, said Angel in PAPUANEWS.ID.

In a week ahead, Alfredo will focus on the exercises to boost the players. It is done because, after knocked out from the president cup in 2017, the players have quite long time to rest. So, the physical ability of the players should be return into normal condition.

Alfredo admitted that he could not assess the physical immunity of the players yet, it was because they had conducted the first test.

“The result of VO2Max test that we had done before would give feedback for us in arranging some training programs for any player,” he said.

When alluded about the absence of some players in the prime exercise yesterday, Alfredo admitted that there were some players especially the senior have not joined the exercise. But he ensure that on one or two days later, all the players are able to join the exercise.

Regarding to the players discharged by management, Alfredo said that he was not really sure on that. Because their parties would see on their improvement.

Nevertheless, Alfredo recognized that there were some juniors who was forced out including Yance Wenda and Agus Kogoya.

About Eduard Wilson Junior, Alfredo was not willing to comment. He did not know whether this Liberian soccer player will be taken or not.

“I do not know he will come back or not. At this time, there are some players who have been removed but I can not tell it because we have to discuss again with  the management. But actually we will look for the additional members to fill some positions,” he said.

In general, Alfredo said that players who fill the Persipura squad in order to face the League championship I in 2017 still dominated by players who strengthen Persipura in Torabika Soccer Championship in 2016 ago.

For the players who are retained will be added with several  junior players that are Yan Piet Nasadit, Israel and Elysa who are taken from PON Papua and Persipura U-21.

“The league for this year is so strict, so we are preparing some firm players of Persipura for this season and they should be trained better. For those who join the league should be ready to wear jersey Persipura,” he said.

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