Jokowi Inaugurates Papua Youth Creative Hub, Praises Young Papuans’ Extraordinary Potential

Further proving his great attention to Papua, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building in Jayapura, Papua, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

Before the majestic structure, the President pressed the inauguration button alongside Head of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) Budi Gunawan, Minister of Defence Prabowo Subianto, Minister of Investment Bahlil Lahadalia, Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko, Acting Governor of Papua M. Ridwan Rumasukun, and PYCH representative Simon Tabuni, who is also a Papuan youth leader.

Prior to the inauguration, Jokowi spoke via video conference with PYCH youths in a number of cities in Papua and West Papua. Jokowi also signed inscriptions, released birds, and planted trees as part of the inauguration.

The President then visited the different parts of the PYCH building, chatting with the young Papuans who have been entrusted with each section.

“With the grace of God Almighty, this morning, I inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub and I launch products of creation and innovation of the Papua Youth Creative Hub,” President Jokowi said during the inauguration. (21/3/2023).

Jokowi expressed his pride and admiration after directly reviewing all the facilities at PYCH, as well as all the results of the work programme implemented by PYCH youth in various sectors, such as fisheries, plantation agriculture, animal husbandry, education, entrepreneurship to health.

“Why did we build the Papua Youth Creative Hub, we want to provide opportunities for youth who have the creativity, innovation, great desire to move in the field of fashion, creative industry, in the field of animal husbandry, fisheries, they all have the opportunity, because I see the opportunity in Papua is still vast,” Jokowi said.

“And this is expected to provide increased welfare, provide increased progress to the Papuan people we love,” continued Jokowi.

Jokowi stated that Indonesia will face a demographic bonus, including in Papua. He is proud that PYCH young people have prepared themselves through self-development in their fields of interest.

“We know that our country will experience a demographic bonus in approximately 2035, most of Indonesia’s population is of productive age and in Papua alone 2.6 million, or approximately 60 per cent of the population of Papua and West Papua, will emerge,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi also said that the government has carried out a lot of development in eastern Indonesia, especially in Papua, ranging from infrastructure, education, and other assistance.

Jokowi also invited the public to monitor the funds channelled to Papua because they are substantial.

“So, now I want to say that development in Indonesia is not Java-centric, but Indonesia-centric, and the land of Papua is a priority,” said Jokowi.

On the same occasion, BIN Chief Budi Gunawan said that Papua has a special place in President Jokowi’s heart. This is because Jokowi continues to devote attention to the progress of the easternmost part of Indonesia. Part of the tangible evidence is the development of PYCH for the progress of Papua.

“Starting from infrastructure development, Papuan human resources, especially the human resources of young Papuans, Papuan mothers, traditional and religious institutions, and business development for Papuan children,” said Budi Gunawan.

Therefore, he said the Papuan people, especially young people, really love, always miss the figure of President Jokowi.

“This is increasingly evident and reflected in the high public satisfaction in Papua with the performance of Mr President, which reached 80 per cent. The highest number above the national average is in Papua,” said Mr Kabin.

According to Budi, the inauguration of the PYCH building this time will be a legacy for the people in Papua and will always be remembered as a milestone in the nation’s history.

Budi also admitted that he is ready to create other PYCHs including in West Papua, NTT, Aceh and Maluku with the support of ministries/agencies. This is in accordance with the direction of President Jokowi.

According to him, the presence of ministers and other figures is a form of support for young people through the construction of PYCH in a number of areas, especially the existing PYCH in Jayapura.

“PYCH has a vision and mission so that Papuan youth become the driving force in various sectors of Papuan life through national and international partnerships. Therefore, we are all optimistic that in the future young Papuans with global achievements and reputations will be born from this Papua Youth Creative Hub,” he said.

Under BIN, PYCH is intended as a centre for the development of potential talents of the Land of Papua to become a superior generation, creative, with a pioneering spirit, agile in adopting new ways and quickly adapting to the development of digital technology and having a high national spirit.

Various programmes that have been running in this building can be followed by young Papuans from various groups and regions, including training and development of interests and talents and even entrepreneurship coaching as well as marketing.

These include training in Papuan souvenirs, culinary, designer and modelling arts, dance, poetry, podcasts, photography, sculpture, sound and music. There is also training on assembly, repair of gadgets, PCs, and laptops by BIN R&D centre and guidance on official school tests.

The PYCH building was constructed with typical Papuan architecture, namely Jayapura Honai roof and Wamena Kariwari roof. Besides having a dormitory with a capacity of one hundred people, PYCH Building is also equipped with a cafe, co-working space, music studio, photography studio, podcast room, counselling room, theatre, and multipurpose room. The building also has high-speed internet facilities.

What stands out is the PYCH Store, which is a marketing place for various products from young entrepreneurs and MSMEs. In addition to displays, marketing is also done online in order to penetrate the national and international markets.

All products are marketed under the “PCYH” label. Hundreds of MSMEs have joined here with thousands of product items. Some have been successfully registered to obtain intellectual property rights or IPR. In the inauguration ceremony, Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna H. Laoly symbolically handed over the IPR registration mark to PYCH’s advisor, BIN Chief Budi Gunawan.

Also in attendance,  at the inauguration ceremony were Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna H. Laoly, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture/Acting Minister of Youth and Sports Muhadjir Effendy, Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah, Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno, and a number of other state officials.

Other attendees included UNHAN Rector Amarulla Octavian, Hasanudin University Rector Jamaluddin Jompa, Cenderawasih University Rector Oscar O Wambrauw, and a number of traditional, religious and youth leaders.

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