Exploring Southwest Papua Tourism in Sorong,’s Mangrove Forest and Aimas Bird Park

Sorong, Southwest Papua has a number of attractive tourist destinations that are suitable and fun fun for the whole family. In addition to relieving fatigue, the tourist destinations in Sorong are also suitable for a leisurely morning or afternoon walk.

One highly recommended destination in Sorong is the Klawalu Mangrove Forest Tourism Park. This mangrove area was built by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. Quoted from the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Klawalu Mangrove Forest can be reached from Domine Eduard Osok Airport in about 17 to 30 minutes.

The Klawalu Mangrove Forest there is a viewing tower which allows visitors to survey the surrounding areas. The Mangrove Forest that surrounds the area makes the air feel cool, which is perfect for those looking for a place to self-heal. A colourful bridge allows you to walk along the Klawalu Mangrove Forest. Throughout the area, many beautiful spots are worthy of being snapped and shown on social media. In addition, Papua’s famous birds of paradise that can be seen in the area.

The Klawalu Mangrove Forest Tourism Park provides 8 homestay facilities for those who wish to spend the night. The lodging package offered includes a grill menu for the night and cycling in the morning. The tourist park is also perfect for those who like to exercise. In addition to cycling, the jogging track allows you to breathe the fresh air during your run. Those interested in the functions and benefits of mangrove forests in the ecosystem can receive information and learn all about the subject.

Not content to spoil tourists with panoramas, this area also offers a variety of creative economic products made and sold by the locals, which are suitable as souvenirs. The products include sago chips, nipah salt, noken bags, telang flower tea, and various handicrafts such as flower vases, tissue holders, and displays processed from sago leaf bark.

 A different tourist destination in Southwest Papua that is worthwhile to visit is Aimas Bird Park. The Aimas Bird Park is located on Osok Aimas Street, Sorong Regency, and offers you the chance to see a number of protected animals.

The park is known for the many different bird species which inhabit it. These species include Alap-alap, Parrots, Cucak Rowo, parakeets, Mambruk, King Cockatoos, Birds of Paradise and many others.In addition to the birds, you can also find several other animals, such as monkeys, lao-lao, snakes, monkeys, horses, iguanas and rabbits, among others. Many of these animals were confiscated from people catching them illegally by the West Papua Natural Resources Conservation Centre.

Tourism in West Papua is also famous for its natural scenery, and Aimas Bird Park is no exception. It is located in the hills, with sights to captivate visitors. The fresh air, beautiful scenery and the sounds of various animals will make the experience an unforgettable one.

The operating hours are 7 am to 7 pm. Visitors are recommended to come in the morning and afternoon. For those who are interested, the travel route from the centre of Sorong City is about 21.1 km or takes about 40 minutes to get to the Bird Park in Aimas. If you have reached the new town square of Aimas, the distance of this bird park is quite close, about 1.9 km on foot through Osok Street.

Another interesting destination in Sorong is the Sapta Prana pagoda. Located on a hill with an artistic shape, the Pagoda appears imposing from a distance and invites the curiosity of anyone who sees it. The location of Sapta Ratna Pagoda is very strategic because it is in the middle of Sorong City and easily accessible by various modes of transportation. To get to this location, you can use public transport or private vehicles, with a travel time of about 4 minutes’ walk to the pagoda area.

Sapta Ratna Pagoda consists of 7 levels. Established in 1992, Sapta Ratna Pagoda was originally a place to store ashes for Buddhists living in Sorong City and its surroundings. Over time, Sapta Ratna Pagoda has turned into a tourist attraction and has attracted tourists to visit, both local and foreign tourists.

Not only does it serve as a house of worship, the pagoda, originally named Qi Bao Ta is also a landmark of pride for the people of Sorong as well as a symbol of inter-religious harmony in Sorong City, where the majority of the population is Catholic.


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