Papua Set to Host National Forum of Religious Leaders

Papua Province will host a national meeting bringing together interfaith leaders from all over Indonesia, which will take place in Jayapura in May 2023.

“The selection of Papua as the meeting place for religious leaders in Indonesia is because the religious harmony index in Papua has improved to where it is now in first place,” said H. Syaiful Islam Al Payage, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Papua in Biak, Sunday (19/2/2023).

Quoted from Antara, Payage called on all religious people in Papua to take part in maintaining security and public order, so that the large-scale national event to be hosted by Papua this May can run smoothly.

“The religious leaders in Papua fully support this national forum meeting to be held because it will be attended by religious leaders from various regions in Indonesia,” he said.

In reference to the material of the national meeting of religious leaders in Papua, Payage said the forum plans to discuss various religious issues that have developed in the community.

“Another agenda of the national meeting of religious leaders is to witness first hand and prove the implementation of religious harmony in Papua,” said the Chairman of MUI Papua.

In the Chairman’s assessment of the conditions of inter-religious life in Papua, there is mutual tolerance, respect, and appreciation of differences in beliefs.

Meanwhile, related to the relationship of brotherhood and love among religious peoples, Payage said that this has been realised by every religious leader in the form of various social activities in communities throughout Papua.

Giving an example, if a negative issue about religion arises that could impact Papua, Payage said that religious leaders would immediately hold a meeting to discuss the issue and try to resolve it.

“In fact, religious leaders often go directly to the community to act as mediators to realise peace in Papua,” said Payage.


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