Kiti-kiti Waterfall and Other Natural Attractions of Fakfak, West Papua

It is no secret that West Papua is known for its charming nature with abundant flora and fauna. At the Fakfak regency, the Kiti-kiti waterfall located at the Nusalasi Bay Coastal Park Conservation Area is one such destination known for its unique and exotic nature. The destination is relatively unknown to tourists due to its remote location far from the urban centre of Fakfak regency. The waterfall’s uniqueness is due to the fact that it flows downstream directly to the sea.

The areas surrounding the waterfall gives view to mountains, lush greenery, and the clear blue waters. This allows tourists to enjoy the scenery of a waterfall, beach, and the blue sea water in one spot. As the water recedes a beach underneath is formed which can be enjoyed by tourists. When the tide rises, the waterfall will pour directly to the sea. Activities that can be enjoyed by tourists include snorkelling and diving to enjoy the sea life and coral reefs. The abundant fish also allows for fishing for those inclined. One thing to note, it is inadvisable to visit when the eastern winds are blowing, as the waves will be higher and thus more dangerous.

The waterfall is not the only attraction that can be found in Fakfak. Another interesting attraction is the Tubir Seram island located directly across from the city. It is visible when you stand in the city of Fakfak and turn your gaze towards the open sea.

To reach the area, you can take a boat from Brongkendik village in a journey taking roughly 45 minutes. During the trip, visitors are often offered the chance to view uninhabited islands ringed by beautiful sheer cliffs. When the tide is low, it is possible to reach the island from Fakfak on foot. According to Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno, this is part of the uniqueness of the island. Visitors can spend their time diving and snorkelling, enjoying the beautiful undersea environment.

Upon arrival at the island, we are greeted by the white sands and the Fakfak hero’s statue facing the city of Fakfak. The statue depicts Krapangit Gewab, a renowned hero from Fakfak. The statue commemorates the history of the Fakfak people’s struggle against the Dutch under Krapangit Gewab’s leadership in the 1900s. Every 16 November the day is celebrated along with the establishment of Fakfak regency.

Another area known for its great marine tourism potential is Ugar village, located in Kokas district in Fakfak regency. Possessing a green island chain surrounded by blue waters, its scenery is reminiscent of the famed Raja Ampat. The island chain consists the Tupir, Katutifman, Baras, Rumawain, Sariga, and Pasir Timbul. These islands can be visited using a fibre sailing boat. Another unique feature is the archaeological remains in the form of cave drawings on the karst cliff walls. Ugar village recently received the Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI) as First Runner Up in the Best Advanced Tourism Village category. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the awards are given to communities advancing the tourism sector in efforts to accelerate the development of villages, as well as transforming the social, cultural, and economy of villages.

In addition to the marine tourism, Ugar village also has an historic old mosque in Papua, the old Patimburak Mosque, a centre of Islam in the region. The form of the mosque retains its old architecture and is unique as it looks like a combination of a mosque and church, proof of the strong religious tolerance in Fakfak regency, and an icon of the Muslim majority population.

One of the activities that can be enjoyed in Ugar is diving in its waters, and lucky divers may get the chance to swim alongside green and scaled turtles. In addition, there are many varieties of coral reefs such as the Arcopora, Anthozoa, Crinoidea, and Dendronephthya, while the variety of colourful fish species will provide a unique experience for divers.

Adapted from Tribun Papua Barat.

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