The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Encourages Fishery Exports In West Papua

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, has continued to boost the fisheries in West Papua, especially in exporting the fish from traditional fishermen. This was stated by Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti in Working Visit to West Papua Province on Saturday, March 17 2018.

“I some time ago had a meeting with Pelindo IV. The company will bring a floating cold storage to buy fish from traditional fishermen, and then export them directly from the eastern Indonesia”, said Minister Susi.The plan to export fish from the catch of traditional fishermen will begin to run within one or two months ahead.

In addition, in order to encourage the production of traditional fishing in West Papua, The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will also give aid for an environmentally-friendly fishing, in the form of nets as a substitute for the prohibited fishing gear that is still used in traditional fishermen. “The tool will not only preserve the environment and marine life, but could increase the catch, as well as the welfare of the fishermen, especially in West Papua”, she said.

Minister Susi also asserted, with the existence of the policy of prohibiting the use of the regular fishing gear which destroys the environment, the government does not intend to suffer the fishermen especially traditional fishermen, “we think far ahead for the fisherman community itself to be prosperous”, she added.

On the occasion, Minister Susi also advised that efforts made by the The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in stopping foreign ships and trawling equipment, as well as actions against destructive fishing can be continued by the local government. According to her, the people and local government are considered most appropriate to maintain and be responsible for the conservation of coral reefs in the waters of West Papua. “We in Jakarta help with the maximum policy and support we can provide, but of course the most responsible are the people and local government,” said Minister Susi.

Meanwhile, Minister Susi restated clearly the laid-down trawlers should not be able to sail again in the West Papuan seas. “If that happens, the future Papua sea will be terrible, because trawling will destroy and spend coral reefs and marine biota on the seabed”, she said.

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