RI Ministry of Health Accredits a Number of Community Health Centers (Puskesmas) in Biak Numfor

The Biak City Public Health Center (Puskesmas)services, in  Biak Numfor Regency, Papua, will be accredited by an assessment team from the Ministry of Health in October 2017. “The management of the Biak City Public Health Center is working to improve the health care facilities in anticipation of the arrival of  the Ministry of Health accreditation team,” said Head of Puskesmas Biak Kota, Rewang Naftali In Biak, Thursday (29/6).

He said that the assessment criteria for the Health center accreditation, among others are administrative and management standards that include the provision of health services, leadership and management of the health centers, and improving the health center quality. Other requirements, Rewang said, there are standards of health center programs that must be met, namely Target-oriented Health Center Program/Program Puskesmas yang Berorientasi Sasaran (PPBS), Leadership and Management of Health Center Program/Kepemimpinan dan Manajemen Program Puskesmas(KMPP), and Performance Goals and MDGs/Sasaran Kinerja dan MDGs (SKM).

A number of instruments are also being assessed to get the Puskesmas accreditation including the competence of health center officials, cleanliness of the health center, services, the availability of light fire extinguishers/Alat Pemadam Api Ringan (APAR), as well as the capa bility of ambulance drivers. “Aspects of accreditation assessment related to patient-oriented clinical services/Layanan Klinik Berorientasi Pasien(LKBP), clinical service support management/Manajemen Penunjang Layanan Klinis (MPLK), clinical quality improvement and patient safety/Peningkatan Mutu Klinis dan Keselamatan Pasien (PMK), “he said.

Rewang expects the support from the Health Office and all health stakeholders so that the implementation of Biak City Public Health Center accreditation can proceed according to the schedule from the assessment team. Since January 2017, Biak City Public Health Center has been serving in-patients by providing 30 patient beds.

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