Papua Police Chief: Ammunition Looted by KKB is used to Attack Civilians, Police, and TNI

Wamena – Papua Police Chief Insp. Gen Boy Rafli Amar explained that the ammunition used by Crime Group (KKB) in Papua to attack civilians and the TNI / POLRI officers is the result of plundering from the security forces.

“It (plundering) is one of their characteristics (KKB),” said Papua Police Chief in front of reporters on Saturday (17/6) in Asolokobal, Jaya Wijaya District.

Papua Police Chief also revealed that KKB Papua had no more ammunition and no one supplied the ammunition.

“There is no ammunition supplier to KKB. It is just normal (not a lot of ammunition KKB),” he said.

He thought it needs a deeper investigation into the circulation of ammunition and firearms in civil people.

“So the other sources need to be investigated more deeply,” he said.

When mentioned about the shooting of the plane carrying police officers to guard re-voting (PSU) and the Regional Election Committee (PPD), Friday (16/7) in Puncak Jaya, Boy said there was no indication of support from the regent candidate to KKB for taking the action.

Previously, on June 16, 2017, a plane carrying Police officers in charge of guarding PSU in Lumo District, Puncak Jaya was shot by a suspected part of KKB Papua. As a result of the shooting, the aircraft tire was flat and the plane body Philatus Porter owned by Susi Air was perforated. But the aircraft shot while still on the air was successfully landed well and there was no casualties.

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