Jayapura City Police Chief AKBP Tober Sirait S.IK. and His Aide Became Mass Victims in Padang Bulan Jayapura

Roads blocking and riots occurred on Abepura Road, Sentani, on May 25, 2017. Jayapura City Police Chief AKBP Tober Sirait, S.IK. and his aide Bripda Nyoman became the victim of the persecution in the incident.

Here is the chronology of the incident:

At around 1 pm Papua time, there has been a blocking of Abepura Road, Sentani -precisely in Padang Bulan- until Makorem 172 Prajawirayapti Jayapura city done by a group of people allegedly after hearing an information of cardboard and other used items burning in the garbage by army (TNI) member carrying out corps mess left by previous troops.

At the time Jayapura city Police Chief and his Aide got close to Makorem 172 Prajawirayapti, there was a throwing and beating to the Jayapura City Police Chief and his aide. There were some police members and the public who recognized the Jayapura City Police Chief and his aide tried to protect and save them by bringing car to take them to Bhayangkara Polda Papua Hospital.

As a result of the beatings to Jayapura city Police Chief and his aide, Jayapura City Police Chief suffered injuries bruises in his left chest due to stones and a few bruises on the body. While his aide Bripda Nyoman suffered some injuries in his left temple, cracked nose, torn wound in his back and hospitalized in the emergency room of Bhayangkra Hospital due to throwing and beatings with blunt and sharp objects by a group of masses when the Police Chief was in the crowd around Makorem 172 Prajawirayapti to control the situation happened at that time.

At 2 pm Papua time, Papua Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Drs. Boy Rafli Amar, MH and Millitary Chief of Cenderawasih Brigadier General Herman Asaribab went to the streets to cool the situation at some points around Padang Bulan Jayapura city and at around 4.45 Papua time the road access of Abepura – Sentani can be passed by two wheels and four wheels vehicles after the burnt tires were cleaned by Brimob (Indonesian special force for bombs) members using water cannon.

This case has been handled by Cendrawasih Millitary Police and Directorate of General Crime of Papua Police. Therefore, it is expected that the citizens can refrain so that the situation of Jayapura city can be more conducive and the people of Jayapura city can do their activities as usual.

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