The State Electricity Company of Papua Success to Lighten Buleubhe Village

Jayapura – After Buleubhe villages, the Eastern District of Jayapura, Papua province was formed since 24 years ago. Finally, the State Electricity Company management of Papua and West Papua (WP2B) have success to lighten the villages.

“We have been waiting for 24 years in order to use the electrical, thank you for the State Electricity Company in Papua and West Papua, thank you for the State Electricity Company in Jayapura area,” said by Chieftain of Ayapo Enos E. Deda Village, on Sunday, in Jayapura.

He ensure that all people in that village will support the State Electricity Company program related to the maintenance of the existing electrical networks. Meanwhile, the manager of the State Electricity Company in Jayapura, John S. Yarangga explains that Buleubhe village located in Sentani lake with 55 patriachs and the prospective customer of the State Electricity Company are 40 customers.

“During the inauguration, there are 17 customers who can directly use the electricity,” he said.

According to Yarangga, nowadays the State Electricity Company keep working hard in order to improve the electricity ratio in Papua before 2020.

“By operating the electricity in Buleubhe village, it becomes one of the program from Papua Terang that is 80 percent of villages in Papua and West Papua with use the electricity on 2020,” he said.

Yarangga said that Buleubhe village is the third village in Sentani Lake which can use the electricity. Previously, Puay and Yokiwa villages has been provided with the electricity since December ago.

“With the network expansion system from Jayapura electricity system, the three villages can directly use the electricity for 24 hours, he said.

He also expects that all the assets that have been provided along the village can be maintaned well because all the equipments are provided for the society.

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