The Beauty of Sentani Lake, a Hidden Paradise in Papua

Lake Sentani in Papua is renowned for its stunning natural scenery. This largest lake, located about 20 kilometres from Jayapura City, is known as one of the best tourist destinations in Papua. Lake Sentani has an area of about 9,360 hectares, with a depth of 70 metres below sea level. In the Lake Sentani area, there are 24 villages with various arts and cultures. Its beauty attracts many tourists to visit Papua.

Lake Sentani also has various clusters of islands in the centre, which appear exotic. There are approximately 22 islands in the lake, each of which has a different view. Being here, tourists must experience a motorboat ride by renting from local residents. Some islands even provide accommodation rentals for those who wish to spend the night here. One of the famous islands in Lake Sentani is Ayau Island. The island is famous for its Papuan handicrafts, such as woven fabrics and wood carvings. Tourists can see the process of making these handicrafts and buy some as souvenirs. 

In addition, Lake Sentani is also an important place for indigenous Papuan tribes. These tribes have lived around Lake Sentani for centuries and strongly maintain their traditions and culture to this day. Travellers can visit several villages around Lake Sentani to see the daily lives of the Papuan people and learn about their culture.

The clear, calm waters are also home to endemic fish. Lake Sentani is blessed with incredibly rich biodiversity. It is home to an amazing variety of freshwater biota species. In fact, if you’re lucky you can find four endemic fish species that can only be found in Lake Sentani. These are the Lake Sentani cork fish (Oxyeleotris heterodon), Sentani rainbowfish (Chilatherina sentaniensis), red rainbowfish (Glossolepis incisus) and sawfish (Pristis microdon). Some of these fish species have been categorised as endangered. 

Sentani Lake is located just below the slopes of the Cycloop Mountains, right in the Sentani area, the capital of Jayapura Regency. To enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Sentani, you can stop by Papua. From the airport, Lake Sentani can be reached in about 15 minutes, very easy for those of you who come from outside Papua.

The entrance ticket to Lake Sentani is Rp0 or free, if you want to visit the villages around Lake Sentani you have to use a boat by paying Rp10,000 per person for one way.

That’s about the beauty of Lake Sentani that will amaze tourists. For visitors, the beauty of Lake Sentani will amaze, and worth the trip.

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