The Beautiful Natural Charm of Toran Bay in West Papua

Toran Bay is a bay that stretches to form karst rock islands with orchids growing all over, and a coastline with a wide stretch of white sand.

The geographic coordinates of the bay are at 132°46′ East and 3°38′ LS and administratively located in the area of Kampung Mas and Antalisa Karas District, Fakfak Regency, West Papua.

In the local language, the word “Toran” means “Sitting stone”, because this Toran Bay tourist spot is indeed a karst rock that is positioned under the foot of Mount Bay.

Toran Bay also has a coastline length of around 4,200 metres and along the coast of Toran there are atolls with clear water conditions with a range of visibility in the water around 25 metres, which makes these waters ideal for the growth of coral ecosystems and habitats for various types of other marine life.

This bay also has a large lagoon of about 1 Ha, there is a watery cave flow system that empties into the lagoon.

The location of Toran bay tourist attraction is relatively far and difficult to access from the centre of Fakfak City, and only possible through the water area.

Travel time from Fakfak City centre to Toran Bay is approximately 50 minutes, using a Speed Boat and 2 hours using a long boat with 1 40 pk engine. Along the way fortunate tourists will discover dolphin play spots, and wavy tropical waters.

Arriving at the Toran tourist attraction, tourists will be greeted with a cluster of karst rocks, coconut trees, and tropical rainforests with their vegetation. Those who have come to this secluded spot say that being there is like heaven. The long journey is rewarded with a stunning natural panorama, namely crystal-clear waters. Tourists who have just arrived, of course, will be unable to resist swimming in the waters of Toran Bay.

Playing in the water and then jumping from the karst rocks to the bottom, will be especially exciting with friends.

Being there, the tourists will forget their work routines and the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Apart from swimming, there are many other interesting and equally exciting tourism activities in Teluk Toran, such as fishing, bird watching, and observing specimens of Papuan orchids that grow sporadically in the forest.

For tourists who wish to see birds, Toran Bay area is the perfect spot since it isa migratory area for several types of birds and is also very suitable for fishing because there are many types of fish in the sea.

The activity of grilling fish on the beach can also be an exciting activity if you have the opportunity to visit one of the excellent tours in Fakfak West Papua.

In addition, currently there are various interesting photo spots with Instagram able booths for millennials.

Tourists usually stand on the top of karst rocks and capture the moment with the background of Toran Bay. Then, there are also those who take pictures from the shallow water between the two karst rocks, just to show the clear water in Toran Bay.

For who are happy to witness the sunset panorama, the view of the sunset captured from the top of the Karst rocks in Toran Bay never disappoints.

It seems that the beauty of Toran Bay must be on your bucket list when visiting West Papua, especially in Fakfak Regency.

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