The 4 Best Coffee Varieties from Papua Popular in World Markets

As a country with a tropical climate, Indonesia benefits greatly from good natural conditions. Land in various regions in Indonesia is very fertile and suitable for growing and cultivating various plants, including coffee.

Many of the best-known coffee beans in Indonesia are from the islands of Sumatra and Java due to them being spread more widely, but Papua can also boast of having some of the best coffee in the archipelago.

Some Papuan coffee beans are able to compete in the world coffee market. These types of coffee beans are recognised by the world as the best from Papua. The following are the four varieties that are most popular in the world coffee markets, which are:

1. Amungme

True to its name, Amungme coffee is grown and cultivated by the Amungme tribe in Papua. This coffee plant is preserved by farmers in the Dogiyai region of the highlands in Timika, Papua.

This coffee plant is grown in several different locations with an average altitude of 2,500 metres above sea level. Some villages that specifically cultivate Amungme coffee plants are in Oroanop, Tsinga, Hoya and Banti.

The process of planting Amungme coffee is still done traditionally without artificial plant fertilisers. The richness of nitrogen from other plants, companion plants and surrounding forest materials is what makes the flavour special.

2. Moanemani

Moanemani coffee beans are produced from coffee plants located in Mapia District, Papua. These coffee plants are naturally grown and cultivated by farmers from the Mee tribe.

Moanemani coffee beans are considered the best coffee beans produced in Papua. Similar to Amungme, this coffee plant is also widely grown in the Dogiyai area, which is known as the region with the most strategic location for trade. All coffee grown with the help of natural minerals is usually sold and distributed immediately after processing.

3. Bintang Mountains

Mount Bintang is one of the areas in the Jayawijaya mountain range that is famous for its coffee bean production. The coffee named Bintang Mountains is grown at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,000 metres above sea level.

The farmers here believe that the height of the land for growing coffee will affect the flavour of the harvested coffee beans. The location of the altitude is also deliberately chosen to provide a temperature of 18 – 23 degrees centigrade for the coffee plants.

Influenced by the cold temperature, the Bintang Mountains coffee plants take longer than other varieties to harvest. But the longer process imparts a unique flavour to the coffee beans.

4. Baliem

Baliem coffee beans are produced in the Wamena area, Papua. Coffee plants to produce Baliem coffee beans are cultivated at a low altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level only.

As a result, these coffee beans have a flavour that is falls between sour and bitter. Baliem coffee beans have different flavour characteristics from typical Wamena coffee beans.

In addition to the flavour, the aroma produced by Baliem coffee beans also resembles chocolate and fragrant flowers. When brewed, Baliem coffee beans will produce a deep colour with a balanced touch of sweetness and sourness when sipped.

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