Papua Celebrates 168th Evangelism Day, Vice President Imparts Special Messages

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin imparted various messages for Christians in his online remarks at the peak of the 168th celebration of Evangelism (Hari Pekabaran Injil/HPI) on Mansinam Island, Manokwari, West Papua, Sunday (5/2).

“My Christians brothers in Papua, congratulations on commemorating the 168th Evangelism Day in the Land of Papua. Let this commemoration be a reflective moment for Christians to continue to actively practice the values of love, peace and kindness, within the framework of a pluralistic Indonesia,” Ma’ruf said in a press release, quoted from Antara.

Ma’ruf thanked religious institutions, church leaders, and Christians in Papua who, according to him, have played a major role in building a moderate, tolerant, and mutually cooperative life as a manifestation of the teachings of love.

“Let us strengthen our commitment, role, and good works in order to uphold peace and social harmony, as important capital to accelerate development in Papua, because the challenges we face in the future are not easy,” the Vice President said.

Special Staff to the Vice President, Gatot Prio Utomo, who attended the HPI in person on Mansinam Island, said he was grateful to Papuan Church leaders who had built a peaceful Papua.

“We would like to thank the Church, Synod Leaders, Pastors, and religious leaders who have played an active role in the development of community, humanity, nationality, and peace in the Land of Papua,” he said.

Gatot explained that the Vice President had ordered the development acceleration agenda in Papua to involve Papuan Church leaders and institutions.

“The Vice President has given directions to work with Papuan churches in efforts to accelerate development in Papua. To that end, we have built a strategic partnership with Papuan Church institutions, in this case PGGP Papua / West Papua, to absorb the aspirations of Papuan Church leaders so that they can make a positive contribution and speed up the acceleration of welfare development Papua,” said Mr Gatot.

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