Soldiers of RI-PNG Border Security Task Force receive awards for rescue of civilians and voluntary submission of improvised weapons

The Commander of the 172/PWY Territorial Military Command General J.O Sembiring represented by the Head of the Operations Section Colonel Yuswanto has presented awards to the RI-PNG Border Security Task Force soldiers of the 172/PWY Operations Command.

The award was presented symbolically at the 126/KC Infantry Battalion Task Force Post at Banda Village, Waris District, Keerom Regency, Papua, witnessed by the Village Head and community leaders of Banda Village on Tuesday (11/10/2022).

Awards were given to the 711/RKS Infantry Battalion of Wambes Post for the successful rescue of two Papuan children who were swept away by the Wambes Village River and the 126/KC Infantry Battalion of Waris Post who received voluntary submission of five improvised weapons from the Sanggaria Village community.

The Head of the Operations Section took the opportunity to convey that the award is a form of appreciation from the 172/PWY Operations Commander for the hard work of the soldiers in accomplishing their tasks as well as possible.

“We are proud of you all, even though you are at the end of your duty in Papua, you still work with high dedication to your country and nation, especially in helping in the hardship of the community in the region where you serve, and for that you deserve this award,” he said.

At the conclusion of this duty, he continued, soldiers must continue to contribute positively to the local community. “Nobody does things that may injure the Army’s dignity, especially wounding the hearts of the Papuan community. Leave a positive impression so that they will be reluctant to see you go. That is an indicator that your assignment in Papua was a success,” he said.

The Head of the Banda Village, Joni Mai (60), stated that the 126/KC Infantry Battalion Task Force has so far conducted their duties very well.

“To us the community of the Banda Village, we view that the 126/KC Task Force have done their best for the people, cooperation and communication with the community has been well-maintained, and even on behalf of the community, I apologize that we are unable to give anything as a token of appreciation to the members of the 126/KC Task Force members especially the Waris Post. We can only pray that they are able to return to their unit safe and whole,” he added.

“I hope that the new Task Force will be able to work with the community, because the Army and Police are the bastions of the country so the relationship and communications with the community may continue,” Joni Mai said.

In addition to presenting the awards, the Head of Operations also conducted a check and inspection of the RI-PNG Border Security Task Force 172/PWY.

In the meantime, the Operations Commander of the 172/PWY Territorial Military Command Brigadier General J.O Sembiring at a separate opportunity hoped that through this award the spirit and motivation of the soldiers in performing their duties can be enhanced.

“As I have conveyed before we will give awards for every achievement of the troops, no matter how small must be appreciated so that the other soldiers will be pumped up and motivated to continue doing their best especially the concern in helping the community.

Adapted from:

Korem 172/PWY Apresiasi Kinerja Satgas TNI Yonif 711/RKS dan Yonif 126/KC

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