Facts on the New York Agreement

The New York Agreement is an agreement aimed at settling the conflict between Indonesia and Netherland regarding the territory of West lrian (now Papua) facilitated by the United State of America in New York on August 15, 1962. 

The agreement was drafted due to the Netherlands’ inconsistency with the deal made in the Round Table Conference (KMB) and discussed the handover of West lrian to Indonesia. 

During the negotiations, the Indonesian delegates were led by Adam Malik while the Dutch delegates were led by Dr. Van Royen. E. Bunker of the United States was present as mediator.

Following the agreement, the United Nations Temporary Executive Authority (UNTEA) was tasked to run the government in West Irian for one year.

The Dutch troops were to be withdrawn gradually from the West lrian region under UNTEA administration. On May 1st, 1963, UNTEA handed its administrative region in West Irian to the Indonesian Government.

The New York Agreement also includes a guarantee that the Papuan people would be allowed an ‘Act of Free Choice’ (referendum) to determine their political status, which Indonesia then subsequently held in 1969.

Full document of the New York Agreement may be read here: https://treaties.un.org/doc/Publication/UNTS/Volume%20437/volume-437-I-6311-English.pdf

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