Electricity now Reaches Kwaebandan Village in Papua

Illustration: Electricity reaches Kampung Enem, Mappi, Papua

JAKARTA – The Bright Papua Expedition (Ekspedisi Papua Terang – EPT) carried out by the State Electricity Company (PT PLN Persero) has shown the results. Kwaedamban Village, Borme District, Pegunungan Bintang Regency, is now currently electrified.

Based on a report from PLN, a total of 36 houses in Kwaebandan Village have now been electrified from a hydro power plant (Piko Hidro) with a capacity of 1 kilo watt (KW) which was built near the village.

“Thanks to PLN, Thanks also to students who have participated in the Bright Papua Expedition. Our appreciation for the efforts that have been made, including support from the community, traditional leaders and the local regional government who are both hand in hand,” said the Deputy for Energy, Logistics, Regional and Tourism Affairs at the Ministry of State Enterprises (BUMN), Edwin Hidayat Abdullah in a written statement received in Jakarta, Monday (10/29).

According to Edwin, the Ministry continues to encourage the optimal role of PLN to provide electricity to the community, especially by utilizing natural potentials as electric energy sources.

“Hopefully it will be followed by other villages in Papua. The Ministry of BUMN continues to provide support and ensure that other villages in the Papua and West Papua regions will also be electrified,” said Edwin.

In addition PLN will also provide electricity in the Borme District by increasing the capacity of existing power plants or adding new power plants that utilize river water flow in the region.

Thus, the presence of electricity in both the Kwaedamban Village and the Borme District will stimulate the economic of the local community. In addition to lighting in homes, electricity  will be used for lighting in public facilities such as schools, hospitals, places of worship and channeled to support communication services in the local area.

PLN General Manager of Papua and West Papua Region (WP2B), Ari Dartomo said, at this time the expedition team is verifying data provided by PLN WP2B to get accurate data.

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