1,000 Energy-saving Lamp Packets Distributed to Yahukimo, Papua

Around 1,000 solar-powered energy saving lamps ( LTSHE ) that had been stored in a transit warehouse in Sentani, Papua, were distributed to the inland people of Yahukimo regency in Papua on Aug. 11.

“This LTSHE packet will be sent from Sentani to Yahukimo using a caravan airplane, with each trip carrying 100 packets that are already unboxed to save space on the airplane,” said Dadan Kusdiana, an expert staff member of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s natural resources economy department, on Aug. 10.

According to Dadan, Yahukimo has been given priority for distribution of LTSHEs as it is a frontier, outermost, remote and transmigration ( 4T ) region. “The challenging terrain in Yahukimo is the reason why state-owned PLN electricity hasn’t been able to reach this area. This is where the role of the government comes in to do pre-electrification through the distribution of LTSHEs,” Dadan said.

Hadi M. Djuraid, an expert staff member at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry’s public communication department, added that other criteria for eligibility in receiving LTSHEs included places that had not received electrical currents for three to five years. “We will not let these places be dark. PLN will reach these areas,” Hadi said.

The LTSHE distribution program by the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry began in 2017 through state budget funding. For 2018, the ministry has established a target of illuminating 167,064 households in 15 provinces, or 1,259 villages.

LTSHEs are categorized according to three types of brightness: maximum, medium and dim. The maximum type provides five hours of light. On medium mode, it can last 11 hours. On dim mode it can stay on for 47 hours non-stop. Each LTSHE packet has its own barcode, and is already registered, verified and distributed to specific destinations. It cannot be traded.

Residents eligible for LTSHE will undergo an introductory understanding course on how to use LTSHEs prior to having them installed. Each LTSHE has a three-year warranty. In case of damage or issues, a service center team is ready to provide help in each district.

“The lights have a three-year warranty. If there are complaints, there are service centers in each district. We have also done socialization beforehand, but there are sometimes language barriers, so we sometimes involve public figures in the socialization process,” said Wawan Supriatna, the ministry’s Renewable Energy and Conservation Directorate General secretary.

The ministry aims to distribute 400,000 LTSHEs to 2,500 villages as part of this program, which runs until 2019. Each LTSHE packet consists of a photovoltaic panel with 20 Watt peak, four LEDs at 3 Watts with a lithium battery, four 5-meter cables, two hubs, a USB to charge cell phones, and a 1-meter aluminum support pole.



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