Anti-Hoax Declaration in West Papua

The West Papuan people agreed to reject false or hoax news in West Papua. The Anti-Hoax Declaration in West Papua was conducted in Imbi Park, Jayapura City, on March 13 2018, and joined by more than 300 people with three points of agreement in rejecting and opposing the spread of hoax or false news.

In the occasion, the people in West Papua also stated that they will support the Indonesian Military and Police Force to take firm action against the hoax propagators in West Papua. People in West Papua refuse to be victims of false news and hate speech.

A number of representatives from local communities and schools are seen in the Anti-hoax Declaration. They unfurled banners, posters, and pamphlets in the declaration. In West Papua, the spread of hoax or hoax news is mostly done through social media, especially Facebook. The West Papua Police Chief, Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar mentioned a number of hoax news that were circulated in West Papua was done from outside West Papua. This is known after the West Papua Police formed the Anti-hoax Task Force.

“In order to  combat and anticipate hoax from people outside West Papua, we create healthy and positive contents that people need, so that people won’t be fooled by hoax or false news they received,” said Boy.

Boy added, the sanctions for hoax spreaders can be up to 7 years in prison. He invited the West Papuan people to use social media wisely and to disseminate information based on facts, without publishing false news that had an effect to mislead the community’s perspective.

Meanwhile, The Acting Governor of West Papua, Soedarmo, said the Antihoax Declaration was a form of early anticipation made by the West Papua Police to face the upcoming election in Indonesia.

“The government and the West Papuan people support this declaration, we oppose and reject the hoaxes that threaten the unity of the nation in West Papua,” Soedarmo said.

According to Soedarmo, the election process in West Papua is still considered vulnerable, which are caused by conflict between supporters and the dissemination of hoaxes.

After the declaration, some 300 West Papuans joined in signing a 100-meter white cloth for anti-hoax support in West Papua



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