2,027 Asmat Residents have Received Medical Attention from TNI Health Task Force

Asmat-  According to the Indonesian Army (TNI) from 17-18 January 2018, TNI Health Task Force has provided 2,027 health services to Asmat residence working in cooperation with Indonesian Health Ministry (Kemenkes) and local Papua health unit.

The medical services provided includes immunization for 1,871 residents, the handling of 22 malnourished patients, 121 measles patients, 4 cases of malaria patients, 4 TBC patients, 3 cases of dyspepsia, 1 case of tetanus and 1 case of blood transfusion.  These numbers are not the total number of health services that the TNI has provided since not all reports were sent to the health crisis center due to difficulty of communication in remote areas.

The TNI Health Task Force consist of the combined health personnels from the Army, Navy and Air Force to help assists the local Papua health service unit to control malnutrition and measles outbreak in Asmat regency, Papua.  The team is sent to remote areas using speed boats and other modes of transportation to reach remote areas affected by the health emergency outbreak.

The team visit homes of Asmat villagers and provide needed medical attention.  According to Lt. Col Rachmato (medical doctor), the malnutrition and measles outbreak in Asmat is different from other areas .  “In here, they also suffer from lungs infection, malaria and TB.  The recovery of the patients need time and comprehensive therapy” according to Lt. Col Rachmanto.  He then added “malnutrition is not like having the flu where it can easily be cured, but must be attended step by step.  The problem is confounded with remoteness of the Asmat regency and minimal healthy lifestyle”.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Asmat traditional customs, Hadep Huwaitu appreciated the attention and worked given by the TNI Health Task Force to combat the malnutrition and measles outbreak and other health situation in Asmat regency.

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