Cross Sectoral Aid Sent to Asmat

Asmat, Papua- The outbreak of measles and malnutrition has occurred in Asmat regency, Papua.  In order to contain the outbreak, the government in different sectors has sent aid and assistance to the local Papua government in order to alleviate the emergency situation.  The government has sent 1.2 tons of medicine to Asmat regency.

The Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) also has sent Additional Food Aid or Pemberian Makanan Tambahan (PMT) to malnourished children and pregnant women with deficient chronic energy by air from Jakarta’s Halim Perdana Kusuma.

The government has also sent 39 health personnels, 11 of whom are specialist doctors, 1 surgeon, genital specialist, anesthesiologist, obgyn specialist and clinical nutrition specialist, 3 pediatricians, 3 specialists in internal medicines and 4 general practitioners.  There are also 3 surgical nurses and 2 anesthesiologists.  Other health workers namely nutrition, environmental and surveillance workers who performed activities with assigned tasks.

The health personnel are divided into three teams and dispatched into three sub-districts: Sawa Erma, Pukau Tiga and Kolof Brasa.  They will perform health services and providing medicines and PMT to control malnutrition and measles outbreak in the three sub-districts.  They will also distribute health safety guidelines, 2000 tablets of disinfectants, powder disinfectants, disinfectant tablets of 1 kg to kill of bacteria in clean water and 75 pieces of safety boxes for medical waste disposal.

Besides from Kemenkes, the Indonesian Army (TNI) has also sent health personnel, medicines, medical equipments and PMT to Asmat.  They are spread in 9 medical service points that covers 19 sub-districts. The medicines that the TNI has brought include measles and diphtheria and measles vaccines and instant foods.

Other government institutions helping on the ground includes the local Papua provincial Policeproviding health services and food assistance.    The local Papua Police is expected to map out the area of the malnourished and measles outbreak in Asmat Regency as well as coordination the sea transportation to remote areas affected by the outbreak.

Kemenkes is expected to continually provide assistance to the local Papua health service units in controlling the malnutrition and measles outbreak in Asmat.

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