Bus Carrying Freeport Employees Shot By Armed Assailants

Tembagapura, Papua– On January 16, 2018 a bus carrying PT Freeport Indonesia workers on its way to Tembagapura was shot at by armed assailants on mile 69, Tembagapura.  The armed assailants were able to fire off 7 rounds towards the bus without injuring any of the passengers.  One of the passengers, a 21 year old native of Papua though was being treated for shock caused by the shooting.  The armed assailants are believed to be members of the armed criminal separatist group known to cause security disturbances in the area.

Another bus going in the opposite direction to Terminal Ridge Camp MP 72 was also shot at by armed assailants without causing any injuries.  The bus was shot three times from the back.

Indonesian Police are still investigating both shooting incidents and still calling the situation in Tembagapura area as conducive.

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