Visiting Sota, Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Distributes School Equipments to Students in Sota

Merauke, Sota (28/10) – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Puan Maharani delivered a number of assistances to elementary school students of YPK Sota this afternoon. The donation in the form of 218 packages of school equipment was given directly by the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture symbolically to 10 representatives of YPK Sota Elementary school students.

A total of two packages of sports equipment were also directly given by the Minister to the Principal of YPK Sota Elementary School to support the learning activities. In addition to that, the Coordinating Minister also distributed assistance in the form of Supplementary Food Supplements (PMT) for students as many as 153 Packages to YPK Sota Elementary school and 65 packages to MI Al Maarif Sota.

In during her visit, the Coordinating Minister also took the time for photograph taking and interaction with all the students  who were present. “Are you happy with your new school bag childeren ? If you haven’t got one yet, please ask  your principal, okay “ said the Minister, after handing over the goods.

On that occasion, the Coordinating Minister seemed to be interested with some writings on one of the student’s clothes. “For the one who wears the t-shirt written “black is identity, wavy is special, do you know what is it means?” asked the Coordinating Minister.

One of the students who could answer the question correctly was awarded a present by the Coordinating Minister. Yoga, the student who answered the Minister’s question said that the meaning of writing on his shirts is a symbol of Papua people.

At the end of her speech, the Coordinating Minister reaffirmed that the people live in Sota are Indonesian citizens and part of  The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. “The children and people who live here are border people, but never ever forget that we are still Indonesia” concluded the Minister.

After giving the aid in YPK Sota Elementary School, the Coordinating Minister and her officials moved to the location of Sota Health Center development. The Coordinating Minister reviewed the development of the Health Center which is scheduled to be finished  at the end of this year. The Coordinating Minister also ensured that the finishing of this health center development will be in accordance with the target established.

Accompanying the Coordinating Minister were Minister for Health Nila F Moeloek, Minister for Women Empowerment and Children Protection Yohanna Yembise, Head of BNPB, Head of BKKBN, Member of Indonesian Parliament Alfia Reziani, Merauke Regent and Vice Chief of Police of Merauke.

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