Having Secured Hundreds of Papuan Wildlife at Tanjung Priok Port

Jakarta – A young man with the initials of IK (27) must be secured by the security officers from Resort Police of Tanjung Priok port because He was caught carrying hundreds of protected wildlife from Papua.

The secured hundreds of wildlife, which were reptile species, were carried without documents by IK from Papua using passenger ships KM. Dobonsolo to be escorted to someone with the initials R in South Jakarta area for Reptile community activities.

At that time the police checked the arrival of the ship carrying 185 passengers and 3 units of vehicle to down at the port. On Friday (16/6), at around 22:00 IWST, a passenger initializing IK, 27 years old, was found carrying two boxes of wildlife after passing X-Ray machine.

When the security officers opened the contents of the cardboard, there were found hundreds of wildlife containing 279 species of reptiles such as Snakes, Biawaks and Lizards. The hundreds of wildlife secured by security officers were snakes of various species consisting of Green Tree Python Condro 20 tails, Mono Tree 96 tails, Python Patola 5 tails, Python Gol Albert 4 tails, Mono Tanah/Aspera 89 tails, Pencil 11 tails, Eagle/Derik 9 tails; Biawak Papua/Varanus Jobiensis consisting of 2 tails; and lizards of various species totally found 43 tails, among others: Panama lizard 9 tails, Thorn Lizard 33 tails, and Green Lizard 1 tail.

The police immediately arrested the wildlife owners to Resort Police of Tanjung Priok Port for inspection by coordinating with the Quarantine and Natural Resource Conservation Center of Tanjung Priok Port.

The chief of Tanjung Priok Port Police AKBP Roberthus Yohanes De Deo explained that every arrival or departure of the ships, his security unit always executes an operation to create secure condition of Place, Goods and People.

“Especially at this time of Idul Fitri Day, Pelni Terminal will be crowded with homecoming activities so it needs extra security which involves Tanjung Priok Port Police and Port Stakeholder,” he said on Saturday (17/6).

Because of his actions, the perpetrator who brought hundreds of protected wildlife listed in the rules of Law No. 5 of 1990 about the conservation of biological natural resources and the ecosystem will get the threat of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of Rp 100 million.

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