Papua Original Band Preserving Culture Through New Single

Papua Original Band chooses to maintain Papuan culture by presenting original Papuan music, in Papuan language. This is done even though they have traveled to various events, both domestically and abroad.

The bassist and music director of the band, Etho, said that the Papua Original Band still mainly makes local music or songs, and it helps make them stand out in the crowd.

They have just released their latest single entitled Amabusurya, following the song Status, which was launched in late 2020.

“Despite the current pandemic situation, where all activities are limited, God’s grace has enabled us to keep working. It is because of the God’s mercy that we have survived until now,” said Etho in his statement.

The song written in Papuan language, specifically from the Waropen Regency, entitled Amabusurya, was created by Yohan Nova Sineri. It is a song wrapped in Ethnic Groove music and was released by Aquarius Musikindo and Aquarius Pustaka Musik,.

The music in this song is a mix of traditional and modern style with a strong rhythm that makes the song sounds livelier. It is aimed at becoming one of the main song choices to listen to for the millennial generation, so that they will always remember, love, and preserve their culture.

“This song is not only for young Papuans, but for all young people throughout Indonesia, because that is our true identity. Papua Original always tries to make local songs have their own value in the eyes of the world and become the main choice in the Indonesian music industry,” said Etho.

For information, the Papua Original Band consists of personnel, namely Vien Mangku, Dommin Fenetiruma, Achel Uduas, Mambri Awom and its musicians Etho (bass and music director), Yeheskiel (drums), Yance Deda (saxophone), Zarteus Osok (keyboard) and Niel (guitar).

You can listen to the Amabusurya song here:

Source: Yahoo News

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