Papua Province Exhibits Prehistoric Discoveries

Illustration: Prehistoric human skeleton in South Sulawesi. Source:

The Papuan Archeology Center is holding an archaeological exhibition at Saga Mall, Abepura District, Jayapura, from 23 to 25 October 2018, to introduce historical and prehistoric discoveries to public.

The manager of archeology data at the Papuan Archaeological Center Adi Dian Setiawan who is also the chairman of the exhibition committee in Jayapura City, said Monday that the actor was open to the public, not limited by age.

“The objective of this exhibition is to showcase the results of archeological research in Papua to the wider community,” he said while accompanied by senior researcher Hari Suroto and colleagues from the Papua Archeology Institute when arranging a number of objects to be exhibited.

According to him, other objectives of the exhibition were to provide an explanation to the public about the importance of historical and prehistoric remains in Papua.

“This exhibition is also to receive any information from the community whether there are potential archeological remains in certain areas to be followed up to do research and so on,” he said.

Furthermore, the alumni of Gajah Mada University revealed that the exhibitions objects includes photographs of the research in the field, also colonial and prehistoric artifacts.

“From the colonial era we have bottles, bullets and relics from World War II, whereas from prehistoric times we have pottery, bones, skulls, then fossil shells,” he said.

In addition, continued Adi, there was one miniature unit of the escaping box that was exhibited along with other historical and prehistoric objects.

“We want to show how archaeological research is carried out, one of which is the excavation methodology to get original data from the ground,” he said.

Excavation, he said, is a method of obtaining data by digging up land that is believed to have historical or prehistoric value, using information from local residents.

In line with the statement, the Head of the Papuan Archeology Center Gusti Made Sudarmika said there were still many studies carried out by his party but not yet known by a wide audience.

“If people know about the importance of the research and understand what archeology is, usually they will provide information and the community can help in preserving historical and prehistoric remains, because they already understand its importance,” he said.


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