Telkomsel Develops Mobile Services in Yahukimo and Mamberamo Raya, Papua

Jayapura–  Telkomsel in supporting the Nawacita Vision of President Joko Widodo is cooperating with the government of Yahukimo regency and Mamberamo Raya regency in developing mobile services in those two Papua regencies.

Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest cellular provider, will increase the coverage of 2G cellular network in Yahukimo regency and 3G and 4G broadband services in Mamberamo Raya regency.  This will allow the local government and people in those two regencies to exchange information more rapidly.

Telkomsel Vice President of Corporate Account Management, Primadi Putra said that the company is committed in developing the region by providing telecommunication networks in all corners of Indonesia.  “Including providing the latest cellular technological development, so that all layers of society can benefit” according to Primadi through a written statement to the media on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

According to Primadi, the cooperation includes providing telecommunication services for the Yahukimo regency and Mamberamo Raya regency such as telephone bonuses and data packages.

“We hope that the service can speed up the implementation of e-government in both regencies that need quality data access so that the people can receive optimal services” explained Primadi.

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