Papuans Need Managerial Skills

There are many areas of businesses such as agriculture, commerce and fisheries, a Papuan can choose to achieve success. Dasril Sahari, the Chairman of Papuan Regional Board for Indonesian Youth Entrepreneur Association, called HIPMI, said Papuans need to improve managerial skills to develop their businesses.

“It is necessary to improve managerial skills as they are required to smooth a company or an organization,” said Dasril Sahari.

He explained many Papuans are trying to start a business yet find it difficult to develop. They are lacking of managerial skill and get failed. According to him, this failure is due to strong cultural influences that supposed to be separated from business.

“Actually, I observed some weaknesses of our brothers in Papua. They have a very strong family relationship and are unable to see their family in suffer. So it is difficult for them to distinguish between personal and corporate revenues.  Everything is mixed up. It is not clear to see a line between revenues and losses. Sometimes it inhibits our Papuan colleagues. They got Rp20billion or Rp10billion projects but the production is low because of the culture,” Dasril explained.

He will address the issue as one of his 2017-2020 program of work period. He will also encourage students to become entrepreneurs.

“We have HIPMI goes to school and HIPMI goes to school programs. We are going to empower societies. We are going to convey an encouraging message so they are able to think out of the box,” he said.

We saw evidence that SMEs were the backbone for Indonesia economy during the 1998 crisis. We can use that example to attract students’ interests to start business.

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