Papuan millennial farmers’ coffee steals people’s attention at the World Coffee Festival in Boston

Koteka Coffee from Oksibil, Papua
Credit: VIVA/Isra Berlian

Several brands of Papuan coffee produced by indigenous Papuan were exhibited at “Specialty Coffee Expo” in Boston, United States, on April 8-10, 2022. These coffees have even become the centre of attention at the coffee stand owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

Representative of the Agricultural Attache at the Indonesian Embassy to the United States, Rachmad Poetranto said that the enthusiasm of visitors to Papuan coffee was extraordinary.

According to him, thousands of visitors seemed to enjoy a variety of coffee, like Wilchoff Coffee, Kitong Coffee, and Manna Coffee.

“The three coffee brands are the stars of the coffee stand owned by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. Everyone is curious why the taste of this coffee can be found in Asia,” said Poetranto.

Wilchoff coffee, owned by Willy Sombuk and his colleagues, grows from arabica coffee plantations in the Arfak Mountains, West Papua and Dogiay, Papua. “In’papua Coffee and Roastery” which produces highland arabica from the central highlands of Papua belongs to Litha Numberi and her colleagues, while “Kitong Kopi”, which is robusta coffee, grows from the lowlands in Yapen Islands, Papua belongs to Bintang Rivani and his colleagues. 

These Papuan coffee business owners are members of the Inspiring Young Papuan community assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Nearly 2,000 members of the Papua and West Papua millennial farmers are currently registered to the program.

The Specialty Coffee Expo brought together North America’s biggest professionals, business people, and coffee lovers. More than 400 coffee and commodity companies brought the industry’s most up-to-date products and showcased the leading innovations in specialty coffee.

“If calculated from the incoming pre-orders, together with other coffee brands from all over Indonesia, around 20 containers have been ordered,” said Mey Osok, one of the founders of the Inspiring Young Papua Community who was present in Boston, exhibiting the coffee from Papua.

Mey Osok said on behalf of the Inspirational Young Papua Community, young farmers of coffee, cocoa, and other commodities in Papua and West Papua, thanked President Jokowi, the Minister of Agriculture, the Indonesian Embassy in America, the Consul General in New York, and the agricultural attache.

The effort to bring native Papuan coffee to the coffee exhibition centre in Boston, USA is aimed at encouraging coffee production from Indonesia to be able to compete with coffees from various countries in the world.

Adapted from: Viva & Warta Ekonomi.

The General of Free Papua Organization and 2 Members of the Papuan Armed Criminal Group Return to the Republic of Indonesia, These are The Reasons

(Credit: Kompas)

After the three-star general of the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB) surrendered, two other Papuan KKB members also returned to the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

What is the reason for them to finally repent and what is the TNI’s message to other Papuan KKB members who still have not surrendered? Here is the review.

See also the figure of the three-star general of the Papuan KKB who surrendered at the end of this article.

Yes, two members of the Papuan KKB have surrendered and returned to the Republic of Indonesia.

Quoting (2/4/2022), they are Natalis Watora (25) and Engel Feneteruma (31), members of the TPNPB-OPM Kodap XII Kaimana-Kuri from Rauna Village.

Both of them surrendered to the Military Command 1804-07/Kambrauw, Sunua Village, Kambrauw District, Kaimana, West Papua and vowed to be loyal to the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

They came carrying a number of items, such as two arrowheads and two 3-mm air rifle bullets.

The surrender process was assisted by the Head of the Kambrauw District, Barent Tumanat and received by the Danramil 1804-07/Kambrauw Inf. Captain Frans Aboda.

The surrender began when the two ran away from Jonair Waga’s group and his sympathisers.

The group was about to commit an act at the TPU entrance junction approximately 200 meters west of Infantry Battalion 764/IB.

Natalis and Engel ran away from the group out of fear and feeling they would be abandoned.

They decided to return to Rauna Village on foot through the outskirts of the forest along the road to Tanggaromi Village until they arrived at one of the residents’ houses.

They then decided to meet with the Head of the Kambraw District, Barent Tumanat and head to the Koramil 1804-07/Kambrauw to surrender.

On that occasion, the two sympathisers made a statement to return to be loyal to the Republic of Indonesia and obey the laws in force in Indonesia.

After returning to the Republic of Indonesia, Natalis asked the residents of Rauna Village not to be influenced by invitations from irresponsible people.

Especially residents outside Kaimana to act anarchistically.

“I promise not to repeat what we have done and always be loyal to the Republic of Indonesia and support all forms of government policies of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

He also urged his friends who were still in Rauna Village to immediately report to the Kambrauw District Head or the Kambrauw Danramil.

Currently, the two sympathisers were handed back to the Head of the Kambrauw District and the Kambrauw Danramil to be returned to their families.

The Commander of Kodam XVIII/Kasuari, Maj. Gen. Gabriel Lema, thanked the sympathisers who had chosen to return to the right path.

They have returned as part of the united and inseparable Indonesian nation from Sabang to Merauke.

“I urge other members of the TPNPB-OPM group, Indonesia openly welcomes you all back together to build West Papua as part of the Republic of Indonesia.

The chivalry attitude of all of you is awaited to build a glorious West Papua,” said Gabriel Lema.

Prior to that, Alex Ruyaweri Yessi Makabori, a 3-star general of the Papuan KKB also surrendered and returned to the Republic of Indonesia.

Quoting, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Iptu Muhammad Rizka stated that Alex is a high-ranking officer from the West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) in the Tabi area, Papua who is now 70 years old.

At TPNPB, Alex served as Chief of Army Staff (KSAD).

Alex expressed his attitude to return to the Republic of Indonesia at the Obhe Reay May Hall, Jayapura Police, Jayapura Regency, Papua, Wednesday (23/3/2022).

When he surrendered himself to the authorities, Alex also handed over a number of items.

The items that were handed over were TPNPB documents, 20 rounds of blank bullets, and a striped shirt with the rank of 3 star general.

Alex previously played an active role in his organization.

“Based on a warrant dated February 14, 2022 and a statement from Erik Makabori Alex’s biological son, the Jayapura Police was asked to take care of his parents (Alex),” said Muhammad Rizka, Wednesday (23/03/2022).

According to the Criminal Investigation Unit, Alex stated firmly that he had returned to the NKRI.

He also stated that he was willing to provide all the documents and evidence he received from the TPNPB.

“He thanked the Papuan Police Chief and Jayapura Police Chief for taking care of him and bringing him back to the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

In addition, Erik Makabori, Alex’s biological son, also thanked the Jayapura Police for successfully nurturing his father.

Adapted from: Tribun News Surabaya, Kompas