Soon Papua Will Have An International Standard University

Indonesia is a large country consisting of many islands. This caused some treatment differences that urban areas and 3T areas (“Tertinggal” Lagged, “Terdepan” Frontier and “Terluar” Outermost) had to experience.

Starting from internet access, transportation and even educational facilities for the young generation. However, there is good news from the easternmost island of Indonesia. Papua Province in the near future will soon have an international standard campus. On top of that the campus which will be called International University of Papua, is said to be a competitor to Harvard University in the United States.

This is after the central government officially received the Decree (Surat Keputusan) of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbud Ristek) number 24/E/O/2022 regarding the permit for the establishment and inauguration of the International University of Papua (UIP) on Monday (14/2/2022).

Leading Faculty in UIP

This step was taken as the government’s support in the education sector by advancing human resources in Papua.

Quoting from the Instagram account of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Ditjen Diktiristek), Wednesday (16/2/2022), UIP has two leading faculties, namely: 1. Science and Technology 2. Teacher Training and Education.

UIP is also equipped with an International Research Center to support student learning.

Bring in teachers from Papua and abroad

The campus will bring in teachers from Papua and abroad Indonesia with background knowledge that is in accordance with the needs of UIP as an acceleration of progress in the Land of Papua.

The construction of the International University of Papua (UIP) campus is part of the efforts to accelerate development of Human Resources in Papua. This step is also part of the President’s focus in the realization of Presidential Instruction No. 09.2020 concerning the Acceleration of Welfare Development in Papua.

The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) appreciates the establishment of this International University which was marked by the Decree of the Permit to Establish the International University of Papua by the Head of the Higher Education Service Institution (LLDIKTI) Region XIV (14) Papua and West Papua, Suriel S Mofu, the Organizing Committee for the International University of Papua, Samuel Tabuni in Jayapura.

Producing qualified human resources in Papua

In addition, KSP appreciates the issuance of the decree and sees that UIP can contribute in producing an international quality of human resources (HR) in Papua.

Moreover, the Papua region has strategic potential in developing international education cooperation considering it is close to other countries such as Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand which have good diplomatic relations with Pacific countries.

In the future, it is hoped that UIP can facilitate the need of improving the quality of education in Eastern part of Indonesia through affirmations and accelerating the development of Papua’s welfare.

Deputy II of the Presidential Chief of Staff, Abetnego Tarigan, said that UIP is expected to be a beam of light from the east as a new foundation for the development in Eastern Indonesia.

“With the existence of UIP, it can increase competitiveness as well as to improve performance and upgrade potential workforce who are qualified in their fields,” said Abetnego.

Adapted from KOMPAS;

Fientje Maritje Suebu, the First Papuan Woman to be the Indonesian Ambassador

President Joko Widodo has just appointed Fientje Maritje Suebu as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Indonesia to New Zealand and concurrently Samoa, Kingdom of Tonga, Cook Islands and Niue.

She was sworn in along with two other ambassadors at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/1/2022). Fientje is the only female ambassador sworn in that day, and she is also the first woman from Papua to serve as Indonesian ambassador.

According to Kompas TV, Fientje Suebu is the only daughter among the five sons of a tribal chief in Papua. The woman (red: Fientje) who was born in Sentani has been an active diplomat in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 31 years.

After she graduate from University, Fientje continued studied at the Diplomatic Training School. After graduating, she was recruited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and moved to Jakarta. Prior being appointed as Ambassador of New Zealand, Fientje served as Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to India. She has served as DCM in Indonesian Embassy in India since February 2018. In July 2021, the People’s Representative Council of Indonesia (DPR RI) declared that Fientje had passed the fit and proper test as an ambassador.

Papuan women are capable

Fientje admits that her decades of career in diplomacy as well as being a mother of three children is not easy. Her profession required her and the family to travel to another country every three to four years. One of the challenges they are facing is to adapt to different education systems in different countries. Luckily, she has the full support of her husband, Philipus Sarwom.

With her career achievements, Fientje wants to show that Papuans are capable of being empowered like other people from different province in Indonesia. She believes that Papuan women are capable of becoming agents of change in their respective fields. Not only securing the position at executive, legislative, or judicial positions, but most importantly being able to compete in this era of globalization. “Achievements lead to happiness. We try our best in this life and we feel good about it,” said Fientje. “Whether at the office, at home, raising a family and nurturing a relationships, educating children, or anything that leads to satisfaction is a success,” she added.

Source: Kompas