Reducing Price Disparity of Cement in Indonesia, Minister of State Owned Enterprises Launches Cement Price Reduction Programme

Puncak Jaya, 23 August 2017 – As a response and responsibility of the State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) to the public, Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarmo has launched Cement Price Reduction Programme in Puncak Jaya, Papua on Tuesday (22/8). The programme meant to lower disparity of cement prices in urban areas within Indonesia’s Outlying, Frontier, and Underdeveloped regions.

In her visit, Rini stated that the Cement Price Reduction Programme is an important step for the One Price Programme in Indonesia. “We will keep updating this programme until the development in Eastern Indonesia can be done at a faster pace, together with President Joko Widodo’s work programme which focused on the development of East Indonesian regions,” said Rini. This programme is made possible by the synergy of four SOEs namely Semen Indonesia, Indonesia Trading Company, Pelindo IV and Pos Indonesia.

Using the Cement Price Reduction programme, SOEs will build networks of distributors and logistics in regions that do not have official cement dealers or distributors. Additionally, SOEs will also increase storage capacity of cement dealers in outlying regions, and hasten the development of land and sea/dock infrastructure to support the smooth distribution of cement.

According to Rini, Cement Price Reduction is SOEs’ real step in realising social justice of all Indonesians. “Through this programme, cement prices in some areas in Papua has successfully been lowered from previous Rp1.5-2million per sack to the Highest Retail Price of Rp500 thousand per sack,” said Rini.

Rini further explained that SOE Present for the Country is not a mere slogan to be echoed, but is the spirit and real work of SOEs to keep contributing and being present for Indonesia. “In line with one of SOE’s role as development agency, the synergy of all SOEs through the Cement Price Reduction programme is expected to have a real impact towards the society and in general and encourage economic growth in Puncak Jaya Regency,” adds Rini.

On the same occasion, Puncak Jaya Regent Drs. Henock Ibo expressed on how expensive daily necessities are in Puncak Jaya. Flour, sugar, and cooking oil can cost twice that of Jayapura’s. To overcome that, Rini gave her commitment through the Director of PPI, Agus Andiani, that prices of sugar, flour, and cooking oil will be down by 25% in one month.

During the event, locals welcomed Rini’s presence enthusiastically. That was further reinforced by the presence of two opposing factions in the Puncak Jaya Regent election, together with Rini and board of directors of numerous SOEs from PPI, Semen Tonasa, PT POS, and Bank Mandiri. Appreciation was also given to Puncak Jaya’s Police Chief Police Superintendent Agustinus F. I. Napitupulu and Military District Commander Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry Lukman Arif who has helped in maintaining security in Puncak Jaya, which helped to smooth up the price reduction cement and other staple goods.

Scouts from Papua Shines in Indonesian Scout Movement Gathering in Cibubur, Jakarta

President Joko Widodo commenced the opening of Indonesian Scout Movement national gathering dubbed the “XI National Raimuna” on Monday, 14 August 2017 in the Cibubur Scout Campgrounds, Jakarta.  The Indonesian Scouts Movement from the Papua Chapter was able to shine in front of the President, First Lady, several Cabinet Ministers, Indonesian Armed Forces Chief and Police Chief.  The Papua Scouts was in the front line receiving President Widodo with their traditional Papuan dances and “stepping the plates” ceremony.

During the height of the event, Rupeka Anita Aruman, a delegate of the scout gathering from Yahukimo, Papua was asked to perform her skills in knitting traditional Papuan bag known as “noken” in front of the President, members of the entourage and guests. According to the Papua Scout Chapter this was their vision to introduce and popularize “noken” to national and international audiences.  “I am ready.  I have already brought the materials to knit the noken” said Rupeka Anita Aruman speaking with the Head of the Papua Scout Chapter Ita Mano in the Cibubur Scout Campground.

Speaking in unison, the Head of the Papua Scout Chapter Yahukimo branch, Tanthy Muridha admitted she is proud for the opportunity and trust that was given to the Papua Scout Chapter Yahukimo branch during the receiving opening ceremony as well as knitting the noken in front of the President.  “This is a good opportunity for us, we as scouts will always be ready” according to Tanthy Muridha.

Later on, the Chairman of the Papua Scout Chapter, Kristin Mano had the honor of putting noken on President Jokowi. While Carolus Bolly as Vice Chairman of the Papua Scout Chapter put noken on the First Lady Iriani Joko Widodo.

Chairman of Papua Scout Chapter Kristina Mano received the jasmine badge award from the National Scout Movement. The submission of the jasmine badge was made by the Indonesian National Scout Movement Chairman Adhiyaksa Dault after the opening ceremony.

Vice Chairman of the Papua Scout Chapter, Carolus Bolly said, the jasmine badge award is a manifestation of the efforts of the Chairman of Papua Scout Movement in building the Scout movement in Papua.

“Surely this award is very remarkable for us all, although pinned to the Chairman of Papua Scout Chapter but also a tribute to the entire family of the Papua Scout movement,” said Carolus Bolly.

The Indonesia national scouts gathering “Raimuna” is held every five years in the form of large camps in Indonesia organized by the Indonesian Scout Movement.  Raimuna gathering is organized from the sub-district level to the national level.

The word Raimuna comes from Ambai, East Yapen, Yapen Islands, Papua. The word Raimuna is a combination of two words namely “Rai” and “Muna”. “Rai” means a group of people who gather to achieve certain goals set together. While “Muna” is the power of a person’s soul that is influential both in achieving success. Raimuna has the meaning of a group of people who live in a force imbued by a power that always gives high spirits in achieving goals.

A Policeman from Papua with a Passion to Sing Local Traditional Indonesian Songs

The North Sumatra Police Chief Inspector General Paulus Waterpauw, a native of Papua, shares his passion of singing local traditional Indonesian songs during a gathering in the National Electricity Company (PLN) Medan, North Sumatra office on Monday, August 8, 2017.

“I am a native of Papua that can sing traditional Batak and Javanese songs. But my accent and flavour is a mixture,” a gesture that was responded with laughter by the audience.
With a degree of confidence, Waterpauw sang the Batak song “Sai Anju Ma Au” accompanied by the local Medan band, The Kwint. The audience embrace the police General by standing up and clapping their hands.

The Police General from Papua does not end just with a Batak song but continues on with a traditional Javanese song of “Sewu Kuto” that was popularized by the famous Indonesian singer Didi Kempot.

Waterpauw born in Fakfak regency, West Papua has always been a champion of national unity. He often tells that his life’s journey is a symbol of national unity. Waterpauw received his formal education from elementary school to high school in Surabaya, East Java and was a former police chief in Papua. He is married to a local North Sumatran woman, Roma Pasaribu Waterpauw.

Source: Kompas

Baliem Cultural Festival Gives Added Value to the Papua People

The 28th Baliem Valley Cultural Festival was officially opened by the XVII/Cenderawasih Commander in Walesi Square, District Walesi, Jayawijaya Regency, on Tuesday, 08 August 2017 at 11.25 Eastern Indonesia time. The opening of the festival was started by Singing the National Anthem Indonesia Raya and prayers led by the Head of Tourism Department of Jayawijaya Regency.

Head of Committee Drs. Alpius Wetipo (Head of Culture and Tourism Department of Jayawijaya Regency) submitted the festival’s implementation report which in essence is that the Baliem Valley Cultural Festival shall last for 3 days from 08 August 2017 until 11 August 2017 and that this festival was followed by 40 districts throughout Jayawijaya Regency.

Meanwhile Jhon Wempi Wetipo, Jayawijaya Regent in his speech delivered welcome greetings to the guests and attendees who have attended the Baliem Valley Culture Festival where the festival is already 28 years old. Through this activity, it is expected that the regional income of Jayawijaya Regency will increase.

Opening the festival, the XVII/Cenderawasih Commander Major. General. Goerge Elnadus Supit conveyed that the festival is very remarkable, so it has added value to the society. This activity needs to be improved because it is a cultural asset of the community.

Baliem Valley Cultural Festival was followed by as many as 40 districts in Jayawijaya Regency and a number of surrounding districts.

With its cultural diversity, the festival is expected to attract both local and foreign tourists.

After the speeches,   the Commander of XVII/Cenderawasih  Military Region, shot a pig (Wam) with an arrow as a symbol that the festival was officially opened. This was followed by the throwing of a 1000  Sege/Spears, for the purpose of  breaking a MURI record.  The opening ceremony was followed by a presentation of dances  and a cultural show of a traditional war-fare performance by the respective Districts of Jayawijaya Regency. This festival was attended by approximately 1500 people, including the Heads of District, traditional leaders, religious figures and community leaders in Jayawijaya Regency.

Military, Police and Locals Overcome Landslide Together

Heavy downpour caused floods and landslide in several areas in the city and regency of Jayapura, Papua. In Jayapura alone, overflow of 1 meter water from the Acay river covered areas surrounding Perumnas 2, Waena and Entrop 4 High School.

Meanwhile in the Jayapura regency, the highway connecting Hawai and Sentani are still covered by rocks and landslide, causing heavy congestion all the way to Sentani. Currently, light rain still fall in most areas of the Province of Papua.

City and regency governments dispatched heavy equipments to the affected areas, assisted by Military and Police personnel in clearing the affected areas.

SOE Synergy Reduces Semen Prices in Papua

PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) in synergy with other State-Owned Enterprises (SOE), PT Semen Indonesia through PT Semen Tonasa, PT Pelindo IV (Persero) through PT Nusantara Terminal Services (NTS) and PT Sarana Bandar Nasional (SBN), responded rapidly to the government program on the price of cement in Papua particularly in the mountainous areas, namely Puncak Jaya and Jaya Wijaya districts.

This is marked by the first release of cement loading through containers at the container terminal, Makassar, with destination Timika attended by representatives of each SOE on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

This program is a positive response to President Joko Widodo’s program to immediately reduce the price of goods in the eastern region, one of which is the price of cement. Similar to the fuel price, the Head of State wants the price of cement in the eastern region to be equal to the price of cement in Java.

Many efforts are needed to support the smooth operation of logistics to and from Jayapura and other parts of Papua. Adequate facilities are needed to accomodate the volume of goods as well as its operational management, so that the distribution activities and consolidation of goods can run smoothly.

PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) in this first phase conducted cement distribution to Papua and the central mountain areas of Papua with as many as 13 containers of cement which was the first consignment sent through sea toll to the territory of Papua. With the experience of PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) in inter-island distribution that takes into account commercial, measurable, and structured aspects, it is expected that this program can reduce the price disparity in Papua and surrounding areas.