Persipura Prime Excercise, Followed by 18 Players

After being delayed, Persipura Jayapura finally held prime exercise, yesterday morning, march 6th 2017. The prime exercise was at Mandala Jayapura Stadium, led by head coach of Persipura, Angel Alfredo Vera, which was only followed by 18 players namely : Boaz, Ricardo, Yustinus, Pahabol, Nelson, Fakdawer, Rony, Ricky, Nerius, M. Tahir, Yohanes, Yan Piet, Womsiwor, Israel, Dede, Marianus, Bernadus and Elysa.

Some players who have not attend into the football field  are Yoo Jae hoon, Wanggai, Kabes, Ruben, Robertino, and some other players.

In the prime exercise yesterday, it was focused on physical exercise. From the observation of PAPUANEWS.ID, the physical exercise was directly led by Persipura physical coach, Lidyo Ninjo. Before starting the exercise, Lidyo was directly doing VO2Max test for all the players who were attending the prime exercise.

“The VO2Max test was very nice. Through this test we will know the deficiencies from each player. There are some players who still have a stabil physical condition and there are who need more exercises”, said Angel in PAPUANEWS.ID.

In a week ahead, Alfredo will focus on the exercises to boost the players. It is done because, after knocked out from the president cup in 2017, the players have quite long time to rest. So, the physical ability of the players should be return into normal condition.

Alfredo admitted that he could not assess the physical immunity of the players yet, it was because they had conducted the first test.

“The result of VO2Max test that we had done before would give feedback for us in arranging some training programs for any player,” he said.

When alluded about the absence of some players in the prime exercise yesterday, Alfredo admitted that there were some players especially the senior have not joined the exercise. But he ensure that on one or two days later, all the players are able to join the exercise.

Regarding to the players discharged by management, Alfredo said that he was not really sure on that. Because their parties would see on their improvement.

Nevertheless, Alfredo recognized that there were some juniors who was forced out including Yance Wenda and Agus Kogoya.

About Eduard Wilson Junior, Alfredo was not willing to comment. He did not know whether this Liberian soccer player will be taken or not.

“I do not know he will come back or not. At this time, there are some players who have been removed but I can not tell it because we have to discuss again with  the management. But actually we will look for the additional members to fill some positions,” he said.

In general, Alfredo said that players who fill the Persipura squad in order to face the League championship I in 2017 still dominated by players who strengthen Persipura in Torabika Soccer Championship in 2016 ago.

For the players who are retained will be added with several  junior players that are Yan Piet Nasadit, Israel and Elysa who are taken from PON Papua and Persipura U-21.

“The league for this year is so strict, so we are preparing some firm players of Persipura for this season and they should be trained better. For those who join the league should be ready to wear jersey Persipura,” he said.

Government Boosts the Development and Facilitation in Papua and West Papua

Besides building roads that open the path access known as Trans Papua that currently at the completion and sealing stage, the goverment is also working and focusing on the development of facilitation and infrastructure as well as accommodation in Papua and West Papua.

The goverment in the era of Joko Widodo (Jokowi) also adds the energy infrastructure, the magnitude of infrastructure development cannot be seperated with the goverment policy, which drastically reduces the fuel oil (BBM) subsidies two years ago.

Here is the infographic.

Aside from that, The Ministry of Housing and Public Works (PURR) is also working on completing the State Border Crossings (PLBN) construction of Skouw that later will be completed by the other supporting infrastructures, such as market so that PLBN area can function as a new economic growth center.

Water resistance is also important to meet the needs of raw water and food security. The Ministry of Housing and Public Works (PURR) rehabilates some irigation regions and by the year 2017 starts preparing the Baliem dam construction with with a capacity of 200 million m3 and 50 MW hydropower potential.

“The rehabilitation of irigation is held by the labor intensive that involves Farmer Water User Association (P3A),” said The minister of Housing and Public Works Basuki Hadimuljono, in Jakarta, Monday (6/3).

The construction in housing sector is also performed, such as repairing uninhabitable houses through the self-help housing program.

“Each of Papua and West Papua is targeted to have 3.500 units. In addition, there is a housing special program built for fishermen, medical personnels, and religious leaders,” said Minister Basuki.

The Ministry of Transportation also asserted about the accomodation policy to subsidies to  facilitate the economic improvement in different places.

The Minister of Transportation explained, the marine transport infrastructure and crossing constructions needs to be optimalized in orter to support inter-island as well as freight transport connectivities in Papua.

By the presence of sea toll, he explained, it can reduce the the price disparity between east and west. Currently the sea toll has reached areas in Timika, Merauke, Manokwari. It will be upgraded to be able to reach the areas that located in the altitudes (mountains).

Budi also stated the need of the development of river transport in order to be able to reach the remote or deepest areas in Papua.

“Starting from this year, we have distributed goods through rivers in Merauke, Timika, Asmat to the north area, so that the freight transports are not only available in the beach areas, but also in the river areas, so the goods prices will be cheaper, “ said Budi Karya.

Furthermore, the Minister of Transportation explained the role of air transportion is required in connecting remote areas in Papua.

Therefore, in the term of flight, the Ministry of Transportation will build eight airports that are more than 1000 meters long so that the large airoplanes can land there (Papua).

Biak Numfor Government gives Machine Boats to Fishermen

120 machine boats are ready to help fishermen in Biak Numfor District. It was delivered by Biak’s Head of Fisheries and Maritime Department, Effendi Igirissa in Biak, Tuesday, 7th March 2017.

It is said that the 120 jhonson machine boats aid will be distributed to 75 groups of fishermen and 50 groups of society surveillance. “The provision of infrastructure in a form of jhonson machine is done to support Biak Numfor’s National Program to be an integrated regional center of fisheries 2017,” Effendi said, on Tuesday. He said, Biak is chosen to be the integrated regional center of fisheries because this island is very potential to have the wealth of marine with many kinds of fish.

By the determination of this integrated fisheries center program by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Effendi said, it is expected to have a direct impact for the improvement of economic welfare and income of fishermen families.

“The board of Biak Numfor District Government will encourage local fishermen to support this integrated fisheries center policy which aims to increase fishermen’s income,” he said.

Besides giving boats aid, according to Effendi, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will also build an ice factory to provide fishermen’s need. He said, the capacity of the ice factory that will be built in Biak is based on the survey result which is 10 tons load per day.

“The establishment of the ice factory will be soon realized to provide local fishermen’s need of ice with a low price,” he said.

The total number of local fishermen household in Biak Numfor District reach around 7000, which are spread in many districts, such as Padaido Islands, Aimando, East Biak, Biak Kota, Yendidori, West Biak, Swandiwe, Warsa, North Biak, Yawosi, Bondifuar, Andey, and Numfor Islands.

Improve Health Care Services, Sorong Recruits 46 Civil Servant Candidates

It was revealed by The Regional Secretary of Sorong city Government, Welly Tigtigweria in Sorong, Tuesday, March 7th 2017. He said that they previously existed as temporary employees and their dedication have been long in Sorong city government.

Therefore, the recruitment of 46 non-regular health employees into Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) must be done through a selection process that has been set nationally by the government.

“At this time, there are 60 non-regular health employees whose join in the selection process and only 46 employees are declared eligible as Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS), he said.

Welly said that the 46 health officers who have passed The Civil Servant Candidates (CPNS) that are two general practitioners and 44 midwives. It was accordance with the local needs.

At this time, they are completing the requirement which needed for and then they will take prajabatan process in order to be appointed as civil servants according to the rules of employment.

After passed Prajabatan process, the civil servants will be placed in health centre as well as regional public hospital as needed, in order to serve the people. “We hope the midwives and the doctors can carry out the health care services well for Sorong communities,” he said.

Jayapura 107th Anniversary Let’s improve our solidarity to build the city for God’s glory

Jayapura 107th anniversary, which falls on 7th March 2017, was celebrated by holding a ceremony at Hedam District Abepura village Trikora field. The ceremony was led directly by the temporary Mayor, Dr. Daniel Pahabol as the ceremony inspector.

The ceremony held to celebrate Jayapura’s Anniversary was themed “By the spirit of Jayapura Anniversary, we improve our solidarity to build the city for God’s glory”.

In his mandate, Dr. Daniel Pahabol expressed his gratitude to all agencies and all elements of society for the support and cooperation that had been built especially in brotherhood and diversity of Jayapura.

“I want to thank all elements of society in Jayapura, hopefully in this anniversary, we all can receive blessings from The One Almighty God,” he said.

Besides that, Dr. Daniel Pahabol also expressed his gratitude to Jayapura citizen for helping Jayapura government in doing their duties all this time.

In this opportunity, Dr. Daniel Pahabol did not forget to advise Jayapura citizen to conserve Jayapura’s culture and keep working for the development of Jayapura in the future.

“In this opportunity, I would like to convey to the citizen to keep improving the quality of your work, I as Jayapura’s Mayor will support it, for the development of Jayapura,” Dr. Daniel Pahabol said.

Nowela Entertains Jayapura Citizens Tonight

A metropolitan actress from Papua, Nowela Elizabeth Mikhelia Auparay will perform to enliven the evening peak celebration and people’s party in commemorating the 107th anniversary of Jayapura city at Imbi Park, Jayapura, Tuesday (7/3) at 19.00 UTC +09.

According to the head of public relation and Protocol Regional Secretariat (Setda) of Jayapura city, Rocky Bebena, Indonesian Idol 2014 winner will perform some songs to entertain Jayapura citizens. “Besides Nowela, DAVE Solution band will also be there,” he explained to PAPUANEWS.ID redaction when he was met at his office yesterday (Monday, 6/3).

According to Rocky, related to the evening peak celebration and people’s party of the 107th anniversary of Jayapura city, traffic diversion will be applied in the center of Jayapura city, especially in Irian street that will be the venue of the event.

Rocky also explained that before the evening peak celebration is begun, flag ceremony will be held in order to commemorate the 107th anniversary of Jayapura city at Trikora Waena field, Abepura.

He added, “After the 107th anniversary of Jayapura city celebration, the next agenda that will be held is celebrating the entry of Gospel in Tanah Tabi that will be celebrated on March 10. This event is organized by Klasis GKI of Jayapura and will be held at Metu Debi island.”

Indonesia Dorong Vanuatu Fokus dan Siap Bantu Perbaiki Situasi HAM Domestiknya

Indonesia mendorong Vanuatu untuk terus fokus dalam menyelesaikan tantangan situasi HAM domestiknya. Indonesia juga siap membantu Vanuatu dalam menyelesaikan tantangan HAM, seperti pelanggaran hak-hak perempuan, hukuman badan ke anak-anak, situasi di penjara dan persoalan korupsi yang marak dilaporkan terjadi di Vanuatu.

Pernyataan tersebut disampaikan oleh Delegasi Indonesia pada Sesi ke-34 Sidang Dewan HAM di Jenewa tanggal 1 Maret 2017 menanggapi tuduhan pelanggaran HAM ke Indonesia yang disampaikan oleh Menteri Kehakiman dan Pembangunan Masyarakat Vanuatu.

Delegasi Vanuatu telah mengangkat isu pelanggaran HAM sebagai pintu masuk pemberian dukungan terhadap right to self determination Papua yang selalu disuarakan oleh gerakan separatisme Papua.

Politisasi isu HAM Papua di sidang Dewan HAM dan berbagai forum PBB ini sangat bertentangan dengan Prinsip Penghormatan Kedaulatan dan Integritas Wilayah sebagaimana tercantum dalam Piagam PBB dan berbagai hukum internasional lainnya.

Politisasi isu HAM sebagaimana yang dilakukan Vanuatu ini mendapat tentangan mayoritas negara-negara anggota Dewan HAM dan negara-negara anggota PBB yang hadir di Dewan HAM ke-34.

Ketua delegasi Venezuela selaku Ketua Gerakan Non-Blok dengan tegas menyatakan bahwa setiap negara memiliki kedaulatan untuk mengatasi persoalan HAM yang dihadapi. Prinsip yang Gerakan Non-Blok terus majukan adalah dialog dan kerja sama dalam pemajuan dan perlindungan HAM, dengan tetap menghormati kedaulatan pembangunan dan integritas wilayah.

Sejumlah negara Afrika juga menyesalkan manuver politisasi HAM dan serangan terhadap kedaulatan dan keutuhan wilayah negara anggota PBB, sebagaimana yang Vanuatu lakukan.

Upaya dan kepemimpinan yang Indonesia tunjukan dalam pemajuan perlindungan HAM di tingkat nasional, termasuk di Provinsi Papua dan Propinsi Papua Barat, dan juga di berbagai forum kerja sama multilateral telah mendapat apresiasi dari masyarakat internasional. Hal ini diwujudkan dari dukungan masyarakat internasional terhadap keanggotaan Indonesia pada Dewan HAM selama pendiriannya yaitu untuk periode 2006-2007, 2007-2010, 2011-2014, dan 2014-2017.


Berikut ini adalah tanggapan penuh Pemerintah Indonesia terhadap pernyataan Pemerintah Vanuatu di Dewan HAM ke-34:

“Bapak Wakil Presiden Dewan HAM ke-34,

Indonesia menolak dengan tegas tuduhan yang dibuat oleh Delegasi Vanuatu mengenai masalah Papua yang tidak mencerminkan situasi nyata di lapangan.

Kiprah Indonesia pada upaya promosi dan perlindungan hak asasi manusia tidak terbantahkan dan cerminan nyata.  Indonesia telah dan terus bekerja sama dengan berbagai Special Procedure and Mandate Holder Dewan HAM PBB. Indonesia juga mengembangkan kolaborasi di tingkat bilateral, regional dan multilateral termasuk dalam  menguatkan mekanisme HAM Dewan HAM, termasuk dalam rangka promosi dan perlindungan hak-hak dasar. Bahkan, pada tahun 2017 ini Indonesia telah mengundang dan akan menerima kunjungan dari dua Pelapor Khusus ke Indonesia, dan pada bulan Mei 2017 Indonesia akan  menyampaikan Laporan UPR Ketiga di Dewan HAM.

Kami juga ingin menegaskan kembali bahwa sebagai negara demokratis yang  berdasarkan aturan konstitusi hukum, Pemerintah Indonesia siap dan menempuh berbagai upaya untuk mengatasi tuduhan pelanggaran HAM, serta mengambil tindakan pencegahan dan menegakkan keadilan. Dalam hal ini, Pemerintah Indonesia memegang teguh komitmen untuk terus mempromosikan pemenuhan hak-hak rakyatnya di Papua. Bertentangan dengan klaim yang dibuat oleh Vanuatu, banyak kemajuan yang telah dicapai untuk mewujudkan tujuan tersebut di lapangan.

Kami sangat menyesalkan bahwa Pemerintah Vanuatu dengan sengaja terus menggunakan isu HAM untuk menjustifikasi dukungan mereka terhadap gerakan separatis Papua. Pernyataan yang disampaikan oleh Pemerintah Vanuatu perlu dipertanyakan karena bertentangan dengan prinsip-prinsip dasar PBB yang ditegaskan dalam Piagam PBB maupun kewajiban Vanuatu terhadap berbagai hukum internasional yang relevan.

Pemerintah Vanuatu seharusnya tidak mengalihkan fokus mereka pada penanganan berbagai masalah HAM di negara mereka sendiri dengan mempolitisasi isu Papua untuk kepentingan politik domestik. Dalam hal ini, Pemerintah Indonesia siap untuk bekerja sama dengan Pemerintah dan rakyat Vanuatu dalam upaya mereka untuk mengatasi berbagai pelanggaran HAM rakyat Vanuatu, seperti kekerasan terhadap perempuan, hukuman badan bagi anak di bawah umur, kondisi penjara yang memprihatinkan, termasuk tindak penyiksaan terhadap narapidana, dan tantangan HAM lainnya yang dihadapi pemerintah dan rakyat Vanuatu. Terima kasih.”

Buntut Perselisihan Pemerintah Dengan Freeport, Bank Papua Tutup Kredit Karyawan Freeport

Buntut dari perselisihan  antara pemerintah dengan PT Freeport Indonesia menyangkut masa depan operasi pertambangannya di Tembagapura, Timika, Papua. Tentu akan menjadi indikator untuk keputusan berikutnya.

Bank Pembangunan Daerah Papua (Bank Papua) sejak 20 Februari 2017 menghentikan sementara pelayanan perkreditan kepada karyawan kontraktor PT Freeport Indonesia.  Kredit yang umum dilayani itu kredit konsumtif Bank Papua, mencakup kredit multi guna, KPR, dan kredit kendaraan bermotor.

Pejabat Sementara Kepala Bank Papua Cabang Timika Joko Suparyono mengatakan, penghentian pelayanan perkreditan tersebut berlaku untuk sementara waktu. Jika kondisi operasi pertambangan Freeport sudah normal kembali maka pelayanan perkreditan kepada karyawan Freeport dan perusahaan-perusahaan privatisasinya bisa dibuka kembali.

“Namun demikian, pelayanan tetap berjalan pada kantor-kantor Bank Papua di area operasi PT Freeport Indonesia, di antaranya di Tembagapura, Kuala Kencana, dan Portsite Amamapare,” kata Joko, seperti dikutip dari Antara, Kamis 2 Maret 2017.

Sejauh ini pegawai Freeport Indonesia yang menjadi nasabah Bank Papua sekitar 3.000 orang.  Nilai kredit yang digelontorkan Bank Papua kepada karyawan permanen Freeport dan sejumlah perusahaan privatisasinya itu cukup fantastis yaitu sekitar Rp500 miliar.

Situasi krisis yang menimpa Freeport Indonesia telah berlangsung sejak awal Januari 2017, yang tidak lagi mendapatkan izin dari pemerintah untuk mengekspor 60 persen dari total produksi konsentratnya ke luar negeri.

Hundreds of Tourists to Visit Jayapura

A cruise ship bringing hundreds of foreign tourists is expected to arrive in Jayapura, the Papua Province on Sunday (5/3). This was stated by the Head of the Jayapura Regional Culture and Tourism Office Bernard Fingkreuw.

“200 foreign tourists will enjoy the cultural festival arena in Taman Imbi. There will be a cultural parade,” he said.

He explained that the visit coincides with a Cultural Performance event which will be held to commemorate the 107th Anniversary of Jayapura.

“We hope they will enjoy the richness of our archipelago because the parade will display various cultural performances from all over Indonesian provinces,” he said.

The visit was a result of promotion events abroad.

According to Bernard, the visitors will make a stopover in Jayapura for a few hours. However, he hopes that during a brief visit it will bring some benefits for local people’s economy.

“There are two-three cruise ships to visit Jayapura every year. Many visitors spend their money for shopping. Jayapura becomes a hub for other places in Papua,” he said.

Bernard also hopes that Jayapura will be one of the major tourist destinations for foreign tourists. Apart from natural and cultural resources, Jayapura also became a hub for tourists who want to visit other places in Papua.

In addition, he urged local community to welcome the upcoming 200 tourists with hospitality so they will have good experience.

Lanjutkan Program Nawa Cita, Pemerintah Bangun 200 Rumah Di Wondama Papua Barat

Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum dan Perumahan Rakyat (PUPR) membangun rumah khusus di Papua, selain jalan dan Pos Lintas Batas Negara (PLBN). Pembangunan itu dilakukan dalam rangka merealisasikan cita-cita pemerintah untuk membangun Indonesia dari pinggiran.

“Rumah khusus adalah program Kementerian PUPR yang dibangun untuk daerah-daerah perbatasan, guru, tenaga medis, daerah tertinggal, pulau terluar, masyarakat nelayan dan pemuka agama,” kata Menteri PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono dalam keterangan tertulisnya, Rabu, 1 Maret 2017.

Dalam tiga tahun terakhir, Direktorat Jenderal Penyediaan Perumahan Kementerian PUPR membangun 150 rumah khusus di Teluk Wondama, Papua Barat. Pada 2015, dibangun 50 rumah khusus di Kampung Tandia Kanda, Kampung Senderawoi, Kampung Miei, dan Kampung Moru Sanduai.

Di Kabupaten Teluk Wondama, Provinsi Papua Barat, Kementerian PUPR melalui Direktorat Jenderal Penyediaan Perumahan selama tiga tahun terakhir telah mengalokasikan sebanyak 200 unit Rusus untuk masyarakat. Pada 2015, Kementerian PUPR telah membangun 50 unit Rusus yang tersebar di Kampung Tandia Kanda, Kampung Senderawoi, Kampung Miei dan Kampung Moru Sanduai. Tahun 2016 sebanyak 100 unit Rusus dibangun di Distrik Wasior dan tahun ini sebanyak 50 unit dialokasikan di Desa Isey Distrik Rasiei.

“Kami berharap adanya Rusus bisa membantu masyarakat di wilayah timur Indonesia untuk dapat memiliki rumah yang layak huni,” kata Dirjen Penyediaan Perumahan Kementerian PUPR Syarif Burhanuddin saat menerima kunjungan kerja Bupati Teluk Wondama Bernadus A Imburi Rabu (1/3/2017).

Sementara itu, Bupati Teluk Wondama Bernadus A Imburi menyatakan pihaknya menyambut baik bantuan perumahan bagi masyarakat dari Ditjen Penyediaan Perumahan Kementerian PUPR. Menurutnya dari total jumlah penduduk, sebanyak 47 ribu jiwa tinggal di rumah belum layak huni bahkan ada yang belum memiliki rumah.

Bernadus mengatakan akan memprioritaskan program perumahan di daerahnya agar kualitas hunian di kawasan tersebut juga bisa meningkat. Selain itu, di Teluk Wondama terdapat berbagai objek wisata yang bisa menarik wisatawan.

Wujud Pemerataan, Pengguna Telkom Indihome Papua Melejit

Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) mencatat telah memiliki sebanyak 12.000 pelanggan layanan internet broadband Indihome di Papua, meningkat signifikan sejalan dengan pembangunan infrastuktur jaringan berbasis optik dan dukungan teknologi satelit.

Pertumbuhan pengguna Indihome didorong konsistensi Telkom menggelar jaringan broadband berbasis fiber optik dan dukungan satelit dari Raja Ampat hingga Merauke, kata VP Marketing Telkom Jemy V Confido di Jakarta, Rabu.

Permintaan masyarakat Papua terhadap layanan “triple play” Indihome tergolong tinggi. Layanan ini memadukan paket komunikasi telepon rumah, internet (Internet on Fiber atau High Speed Internet), dan televisi interaktif (USee TV Cable, IP TV).

Pada awal tahun 2016, Telkom telah menyelesaikan pembangunan jaringan serat optik Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable System (SMPCS).

Jaringan ini menghubungkan wilayah Sulawesi, Maluku, hingga ke kota-kota di Papua antara lain Jayapura, Sarmi, Biak, Manokwari, Sorong, Fak Fak, Kaimana, Timika, dan Merauke.

Telkom telah merencanakan untuk membangun Sistem Komunikasi Kabel Laut (SKKL) antara Jayapura dan Manokwari sepanjang 1.000 km sebagai jalur “diversity” dalam rangka meningkatkan kualitas layanan.

VP Corporate Communication Telkom Arif Prabowo mengatakan dengan telah tergelarnya jaringan SMPCS yang ditunjang dengan sistem komunikasi satelit, kesenjangan akses informasi, khususnya di wilayah Indonesia timur. “Diharapkan dapat teratasi sehingga pemerataan pembangunan dapat dirasakan oleh masyarakat di seluruh pelosok negeri,” ujarnya.

Kecepatan akses internet yang disediakan 10 Mbps sampai dengan 100 Mbps, dilengkapi dengan gratis nelpon lokal dan interlokal hingga 1000 menit, dengan biaya berlangganan yang semakin terjangkau.

2 Die in Exhange of Fire in Puncak Jaya

Two people were killed when personnel from the Puncak Jaya/1714 Military Command (Kodim) exchanged fire with members of a suspected armed criminal group in Pagaleme village, Kota Baru, Mulia, Puncak Jaya.

Cendrawasih/XVII Military Command (Kodam) spokeperson Col. Teguh said the shoot-out occurred at 3:35 p.m. local time on Thursday when Kodim 1714 commander Lt. Col. Hendratno visited residents in Pagaleme.

“In their way home, Pak Dandim [Hendratmo] and his entrourage were shot at by members of the suspected group. He fought back using his pistol an asked for help from Yonif 753 personnel, who were only around 100 meters from the site of the incident,” said Teguh.

One member of the armed group was shot in the chest by Hendratno and died at the location. Hendratno’s assistant, Second Sgt. John Karel Mandowen, was also shot when two members of the group fought back using long rifles.

“Our soldier was evacuated to Mulia Regional General Hospital but he suffered severe bleeding from gunshot wounds to his chest. Mandowen’s life could not be saved. Our soldier died in the incident,” said Teguh.

He said it was suspected to be a planned attack because the shooting occurred in Mulia. “It appeared the ambush and attack were prepared because they happened downtown after the targets visited residents in the village,” said Teguh.

The Puncak Jaya Police District Command confirmed this incident. Currently a member of the security is conducting searches to catch the perpetrators of the shooting.